For the Love of Latex

Sometimes, it’s ok to be materialistic. For “rubberists”, materials play a far bigger part towards their sexual satisfaction than other people. With a fetish for latex or rubber, rubberists find themselves attracted to people wearing latex clothing, wearing it themselves or, in some cases, the garment itself.

A latex fetish is, as the name suggests, a love for all things latex.

Sit Tight

Due to its tight-fitting nature, the material may be viewed as bondage and almost creates a “second skin”. Therefore, the wearer may be perceived as being naked. Bondara stocks a selection of latex clothing for all bodies and body types, so check out our range of fetish wear to find your perfect skin-tight fit.

As with any costume, dressing up helps the wearer perceive themselves as a certain character. It can also build confidence and encourage them to lose their inhibitions.

Dress to Thrill

Latex fetishism often involves dressing in the material, a partner wearing it or fantasising about people that work in close-fitting uniforms, such as wetsuits.

One of the most common images that spring to mind is that of a Dominatrix wearing a skin-tight catsuit, corset or dress.

Some rubberists keep their fetish to the bedroom, while others get aroused by the idea of exhibitionism and wearing their outfit in public.

Caring for Your Latex

Unlike ordinary fabrics, rubber needs particular care to maintain its quality and finish.

Some top tips are:

  • Avoid contact with oils and oil-based lubricants.
  • Always make sure your hands are clean.
  • Avoid direct exposure to sunlight, heat and humidity, as this can damage the colour.
  • Be careful with sharp objects.

When dressing, we recommend applying unscented talcum powder or lubricant on the inside of the garment to add slip.

Bring latex’s signature shine by coating the material in a silicone lubricant or Bondara’s Latex Care Shining Spray.

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