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Fetish Friday – Urethral Sounding

Have you ever heard of ‘sounding’? I hadn’t before I started working at Bondara, but this ‘fetish’ isn’t quite as obscure as you may think.

Urethral sounding is a sexual act which makes some men hard and other men squirm at the very notion of it; it involves inserting a long, smooth object down the urethral hole at the top of a man’s penis for the purposes of sexual gratification.

If you’re now screaming “oh God why?!”, don’t dismiss it so abruptly! Sounding can be a very pleasurable sensation, as well as feeling rather ‘taboo’ and naughty, making it all the more arousing. As the pleasure builds and builds the sensation will become very intense, thus why most whom try it once try it again and again.

If sounding seems more titillating than terrifying, then perhaps you should indulge your desire!

So what to buy? Well, at Bondara we have sounding kits, so you can build up from a very thin sound to a much larger one, to stretch your pleasure to the absolute limit.

This Hegar Urethral Sounds and Dilators kit includes sounds which get progressively bigger from a manageable 4mm in diameter to a huge 18mm.

Or for a slightly different style the Rosebud Urethral Sounds and Dilators kit begins at just 2mm and goes up to an impressive 14mm sound.

What now?

There is one right way to perform urethral sounding, and only one way; that is with great precision and in an extremely hygienic environment. A quick read of sounding blogs revealed men dipping pens in oil or using tools from the garage, this is wrong! Do not to this. Without the correct equipment and precautionary measures you could end up with urinal tract infections, tears to the inside your penis, or worse.

Clean everything! Clean your hands, clean your penis, clean the sound… as well as soap and water you should be using antibacterial wipes to ensure that everything is clean to a medical standard.

Next, lubricant! Use as much lubricant as possible as you’re trying to avoid any friction or resistance. The sound should slide with ease down the urethra.

Now, hold the flaccid penis upright, position the sounding rod at the entry hole of your urethra and allow is to slowly slide down. This should not hurt. If it hurts, stop. Once the rod is inserted you may find it pleasurable to move the rod up and down; just do whatever feels natural and enjoyable for you.

A ‘trick of the trade’ is to drink cranberry juice and take cranberry supplements prior to sounding to prevent any water infections. For a day or two after play you may experience some discomfort when you urinate, but this will return to normal after a couple of days. If that is not the case however, please seek medical assistance.

N.B. if you are masturbating whilst using a urethral sound, remove the sound before ejaculating or the semen will travel back down the penis and could lead to bladder infections. You should time this well as you don’t want to remove the rod too quickly as this may lead to injuries. If you want to ejaculate whilst wearing a sounding rod, buy one which features a hole, like the Penis Plug with Thru-Hole.

If you’re a little more familiar with sounding and want to take your play to the next level we have plenty of toys at Bondara to get excited about!

Not for the faint hearts, this Urethral Stretcher can take your entry hole to an impressive 20cm!

If you’re looking for a sound to become a part of your BDSM play, this Cock Trap Chastity Device with Sounding Rod is something your Dom(me) will love! Insert the sound then lock it in place. Your Dom(me) can release you from your chastity as and when they desire.

And lastly, if you’re really looking for the thrill of a lifetime, how about the ElectraStim 5mm Diameter Urethra Probe! This elegant rod can be connected to an ElectraStim Power Unit (sold separately) and deliver an electric tingle down the length of your penis!


Well, until next time, play safe 😉

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