Urethral Sounding

Urethral sounding may not be up there with the most popular types of play, but it’s certainly not as obscure as you might think!

‘Sounding’ is a sexual act which makes some men horrified and other men hard. It involves inserting a long, smooth object down the man’s urethral hole for sexual gratification.

If you’re now screaming “Oh, God! Why?”, don’t dismiss it so abruptly! Sounding can create incredible sensations, as well as creating an extra thrill from being rather ‘taboo’. As the pleasure builds, the sensation becomes very intense. It’s not surprising why so many who try it end up incorporating it into their regular play! .

If sounding seems more titillating than terrifying, then perhaps you should indulge your desire!

Sounding Sound Good?

Bondara has a wide range of sounds on offer, including kits which are perfect for training. These sets let you work your way from a very thin sound to one much larger. The further you go, the bigger the stretch!

There is one – and only one – way to perform urethral sounding. That is with great precision and in an extremely hygienic environment.

A quick read of sounding blogs reveal men who have dipped their penis in oil or used tools from the garage. Do not do this! Without the correct equipment and precautionary measures, you could end up with an infection, tears to the inside of your penis and more.

  1. Clean everything! Your hands, your penis and the sound itself.
  2. Next, lube up! Use as much lubricant as possible as you want to minimise friction. A natural, water-based lubricant will do the trick.
  3. While flaccid, hold the penis upright. Position the sounding rod at the entry hole to your urethra and allow the rod to slowly slide down. This shouldn’t hurt, so stop if it does.
  4. Once the rod is inserted, you may wish to move it up and down.

Top Tips

A ‘trick of the trade’ is to drink cranberry juice and take cranberry supplements prior to sounding to prevent any water infections. For a day or two after play, you may experience some discomfort when you urinate. If this doesn’t return to normal after a couple of days, please seek medical assistance.

If you are masturbating whilst using a urethral sound, remove the sound before ejaculating or the semen will travel back down the penis and could lead to bladder infections. You should time this well as you want to slowly and gently remove the rod. If you’d prefer to ejaculate whilst wearing a sounding rod, buy one which features a hole.

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