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Slutty Clothing

Outside the realms of fashion, what you’re wearing can say a lot about you as a person. Yes, regardless or seasonal trends, designer labels, good weather, bad weather, it seems one type of clothing is always popular with certain fetishist – slutty clothing.

Slutty clothing, if you can even call this a fetish, is a huge turn on for many guys, and yes of course some ladies too.

Much like with lingerie, putting a little something on can be even more arousing than wearing nothing at all.

So what is it about especially sexy clothing that makes it so appealing?

Well, as much as the visual element, it’s what the clothing represents which is so arousing. Usually, girls in slutty clothes are considered to be either promiscuous or exhibitionists (or both!) and crave the sexual attention of men.. (Of course being an exhibitionist or simply liking short skirts does not necessarily mean that she is ‘up for it’ –

But for those ladies who do like to wear risqué clothing, either in private or in public, for the purposes of sexual foreplay, the experience can be very arousing and a lot of fun!

Often men like to observe their partners wearing sexy clothes in public; watching other men desire them then being smug in the knowledge that she is his and the other men cannot have her. Such admiration also confirms that his partner is attractive, thus validating his ego and turning him on.

For the girl wearing the clothes she is able to show off her gorgeous figure and enjoy the feeling of hungry eyes desiring her sexy physique for a great confidence boost. Wearing slutty clothes can be an invigorating experience, curves wrapped in lace, a flash of flesh through a peep-hole dress, glistening thighs below a denim skirt… all with the knowledge that she’s turning her partner on.

Then of course, there are women who work in slutty clothes; strippers, promotional models, go go dancers, escorts, shot girls… these ladies exist because men love sexy, scantily clad women. Of course women like a hunk in trunks too, hence the need for male strippers, escorts, promotional models and dancers alike.

So if you’re looking to dress slutty for your partner, what should you wear?

Well if you’re looking to hot it up in public you could always opt for a mini dress and have lots of flesh on display;

Lap Dance Cash Cage Mini Dress

Or perhaps if your tastes are a little more S&M you could go for something kinkier;

Kitten Tube Dress

And to accompany a mini skirt, how about stockings and suspenders instead of tights;

Seven Til Midnight Black Lace Affairs Suspender Set

As much as we all enjoy lusting over beautiful women, let’s not forget the Gentlemen;

Hustler Fundies Tuxedo Boxer

Or something a little more daring?

Zeus Wet Look Shorts

For a fun twist and something a little more exciting, why not add a little role play to your sexy clothing and try some fancy dress;

Fever Convict Teddy

Seven Til Midnight Kinky Cat Costume

If that’s all a little too extreme, why not just try undoing another two buttons on your blouse over dinner, or wearing a knee length skirt instead jeans.

Wearing slutty clothes to turn on your partner can be a lot of fun, but really it’s all about confidence and having a great time.

So whatever you’re wearing this weekend, we hope you have a fun one!

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