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Anal Butt Plug Guide

Anal sex used to be a taboo, but now lots of sexually experimental couples are discovering how erotic it can be. Millions of people enjoy anal play and, as you begin to build your experience, butt plugs are the perfect pleasure toy to explore your boundaries with. Whether through solo masturbation or through stimulation with a partner, they're safe and fun to use if you follow our butt plug guide!

Why Use a Butt Plug?

Your anus is filled with sensitive nerve endings that are triggered when using any form of anal sex toy. Introducing these into sexual play can cause heightened arousal and sensitivity to touch.

Women tend to have greater orgasms while using a butt plug. The stimulation from the toy helps her relax her vagina muscles, which in turn intensifies her climax. For men, butt plugs can increase the strength of an erection. The penile muscles are stimulated, making for a much harder and solid erection during intercourse.

Curious to know what it feels like to be filled from behind? Butt plugs are the perfect sex toy to stimulate your anus while letting you carry on with sexual play, and even everyday tasks.

Choosing a Butt Plug

The most important thing to do when choosing your butt plug is to establish your own level of experience and comfort. If you're a beginner always look for smaller options, which will slip in more easily. As you develop your interest in anal play, you can start looking at the various types of anal sex toy on offer.

Vibrating butt plugs will deliver powerful sensations throughout your anus and make your climax even more intense, whether you're masturbating or having sex with a partner.

Beaded butt plugs have multiple tiers of anal beads, offering maximum satisfaction as you slip them in and out. The graduated beads offer easy entry and many come with suction cups, making for totally satisfying hands-free fun.

Glass butt plugs can be heated or cooled for a whole new dimension to anal play. Best heated or cooled in water, these butt plugs follow the same shape as most but with a sturdier feel for direct pleasure.

Want to dress up for the occasion? Bondara's Kinky Tails collection could be right up your street. These furry friends kick role play up a notch, putting an extra purr to your night of passion. Wag your tail to catch your partner's attention, before parading like the unicorn you really are.

Inflatable butt plugs allow you to increase the size of your sex toy while it's inserted, allowing for increased or decreased stimulation depending on your mood. Lie back and enjoy the sensation of girth and length increasing inside you as you pump.

Safety First

It is imperative that you clean your toys before and after each use with a recommended sex toy cleaner. For more information on cleaning your toys, you can read our Sex Toy Cleaning and Care Guide.

We recommend everyone chooses a butt plug with a flared base, to ensure the toy doesn't get lost once inserted. 

Anyone trying anal toys for the first time should use a small, smooth butt plug to ease themselves in. You can then graduate to larger toys as you grow in experience.

Go slowly, without forcing the butt plug in, and stop immediately if you feel any pain at all. We'd also suggest limiting use to twenty minutes for beginners, which can then gradually be built up over time.

How to Use Butt Plugs

Ease of insertion will vary from person to person. First, get yourself into a comfortable position. This may be lying on your side, squatting over the butt plug on your feet or knees, or on all four styles in ‘doggy' position.

We sell a range of sex toy lubricants that help prevent tearing or bruising whilst inserting fingers or a butt plug. Make sure you use ample lubricant on both yourself and the toy to ensure safe insertion and removal. On silicone toys, use water-based lubricant.

Begin by inserting a well lubricated finger into your anus, massaging the area until your muscles relax. Once you feel ready, begin running the tip of your butt plug around your anus and inserting slowly. Make sure you're angling the toy ever so slightly towards your stomach as this will make for an easier insertion.

Gently push in the rest of the butt plug, allowing your muscles to contract around it. It's common for this to take a few tries to master, so don't be disheartened. Once your toy is fully inserted, let the flared end rest comfortably outside your anus.

Butt plugs are flared at the base to ensure the sex toy doesn't slide in too far, making retrieval much easier. Some discomfort is normal, but if you feel any pain stop immediately. Remember it's not every day you push objects into your bottom, even if you do grow to love it!

Once your sex toy is inserted, you can either move the butt plug in and out to stimulate yourself, or enjoy other forms of play. Beginners should remove the toy after twenty minutes, but more experienced users are safe to keep the butt plug inserted for several hours. However, the toy should be removed every hour to apply lubricant.

Once you're used to anal play, you can move on to a bigger butt plug by following the same steps. Visit our sex toys section for inspiration on what to try next! If your anal curiosity is piqued, read our guide on other anal sex toys

Want us to fill you in on anal butt plugs? Email us at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you!

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