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Experience the world's most personalised sex toy with Clone-A-Willy. As the founder of the original penis casting kit, Clone-A-Willy has been producing at-home moulding kits and unique mementos for over 20 years. Passionate about bringing one-of-a-kind dildos to your bedroom, these affordable and high-quality kits are perfect for ensuring your playmate never has to go without.

  • Clone a Willy Original Vibrating Kit

    • Double-up on the fun with this Clone a Willy kit • Create a vibrating replica of yours or your partner's penis • Easy...   › More

    £36.99 In Stock
  • Clone-a-Pussy Plus Masturbator Sleeve Kit

    • Slip inside your partner’s pussy whenever the mood strikes  • Kit creates an exact, silicone replica of the intimate area •...   › More

    £59.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
  • Clone a Willy Glow in the Dark Vibrating Kit

    • Allows you to make a lifelike vibrating silicone replica of your partner's penis  • Guaranteed to put a smile of your partner's face whatever...   › More

    £40.99 In Stock
  • Clone a Pussy Hot Pink Kit

    • Immortalise your best bits in the form of a hot pink silicone keepsake  • A fun way for you or your partner to get hands on with your body...   › More

    £29.99 In Stock
  • Clone a Willy Deep Tone Vibrating Kit

    • Treat your partner to a unique and personal gift by cloning your willy  • Put the spark back in your long distance relationship with this...   › More

    £34.99 In Stock
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