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Ben-Wa Balls and Love Balls Guide

What are Ben-Wa balls, how do you use them and what are their benefits? Made famous by the 50 Shades trilogy, this guide will answer all the important questions you want to know about Ben-Wa Balls. While they are available in a variety of materials, colours and designs, their two main benefits remain the same: sexual stimulation and a stronger pelvic floor.

The most important thing to know is that there are a few different names for these fun-filled toys: Ben-Wa Balls, Love Balls and Kegel Balls. Ben-Wa Balls and Love Balls are the same thing and their name is used interchangeably, while Kegel Balls are specifically designed for exercise.

How to Use

Locating your pelvic floor is relatively easy, you'll just need to get yourself in to a comfortable position. Try inserting one lubricated finger approximately 2cm inside your vagina. Rest your finger and squeeze and lift your anus, urethra and vagina at the same time. You will get a feeling similar to that you have when holding in a wee!

Once you've established the position, insert the lubricated balls in to your vagina one at a time. Be sure to use water based lube if your product is made from silicone.

There are many ways to enjoy Ben-Wa balls but one of their most exciting features is ultimate discretion! Try popping them in before going about your daily routine. The internal balls will roll around the edges of the external ball allowing you to feel every sensation as you walk for an incredible arousal. Keep them in for as little or as long as you wish!

Sex Life Advantages

Some people enjoy using the balls for sexual intensity; as well as strengthening your pelvic floor, love balls can give you more intense pleasure. There are many methods for arousal and we're here to help you find your calling.

Preparation: If you know you're going to have sex, prepare by inserting the balls earlier in the day. Take a walk to the shops and let them build your arousal. When it comes to the evening, you'll be desperate to rip off their clothes.
Rocking: Remain seated with your legs pressed together. Slowly begin rocking back and forth. This will allow the internal balls to stimulate you as they roll up and down.
Vaginal penetration: Leave one or both balls placed inside your vagina - whichever is more comfortable. Your partner's penis will begin to move the balls as he penetrates you. This way you'll both receive stimulation from the Ben-Wa balls!
Vibrator: Amplify the sensation of the love balls by combining with your favourite vibrator. Introduce clitoral stimulation for a delicious blend of internal and external pleasure or try a slim G-Spot vibrator for a more focussed sensation.

Using Your Kegel Balls for Exercise

A stronger pelvic floor is sought after by many women. By regularly following an exercise routine, you'll notice a difference in no time.

Choose the right weight: There are a variety of weights for resistance training. Many kegel balls are fixed weights (if you're a beginner, try a lighter version first) but there are also designs available with interchangeable weights - perfect if you're looking to build your strength up!

Routine: Get into position; either laying or standing works for most. Lube your kegel balls and begin!
1. Contract pelvic floor muscles and lift upwards
2. Hold contraction for 2-10 seconds and take deep breaths
3. Release contraction
4. Rest and relax for the same amount of time as your hold
Repeat 10 times to complete the set. If this is too challenging for you at the moment, reduce your repetitions to an amount that is comfortable.
To get the most out of this exercise, complete the reps 2-3 times a week or daily.


There are multiple benefits to using the balls including pre-pregnancy and menopausal strengthening. Already given birth? Have no fear as it's not too late to gain the benefits. Kegel exercises will help you to regain strength and tension after delivery. As for menopause, these incredible balls also help with urinary incontinence and relieve cystitis.

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