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X-Orgasm Love Balls

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Description - X-Orgasm Love Balls

Get multi-orgasmic sensations and tone your kegel muscles at the same time with these weighted love balls. Stronger muscles means more powerful orgasms and you receive mind-blowing stimulation as you wear them and move around! Personal training has never been so good!

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Product specifications
Ideal Sex Toy for Vaginal Stimulation, Pelvic Floor and Kegel Exercises
Colour Purple
Material Plastic
Features Vibrating Movement
Total Length 7 Inches
Diameter 1 1/4 Inches
Weight 52.5g
Flexible? Yes
Waterproof? Yes!
Full description - X-Orgasm Love Balls

Love balls are hollow and each ball contains a smaller weight inside, so when you move you receive deep internal stimulation. Apart from feeling absolutely sensational, these love balls also tone your muscles for better and more powerful orgasms in the future. The small ball inside the love ball vibrates as you move (without the need for batteries). You also benefit from highly orgasmic satisfaction as you are wearing them.

Customer reviews for X-Orgasm Love Balls

Omg well what else can I say... I have always wanted some but never felt adventurous enough but decided to give them a go, I was not disappointed! Added bonus is that they strengthen the pelvic floor as well as giving that great feeling when moving about definitely recommended.

Review by:

I was a little worried about buying this item, it just arrived about 25 minutes ago and boy was I wrong.

When I first opened the packet I was a little worried about both the size and how loud they were but once I popped them in (With a little help from my boyfriend who suddenly wished he didn't have to go to work) they haven't really bothered me but I already can't wait for him to come home BUY THIS ITEM!!!

Review by: Becca

I wear mine in the gym! They were vibrating like mad and i was getting just as excited! I was secretly being naughty and nobody knew!!
The gym has music blaring so they could not be heard but i could definitely feel them ;-)

Review by:
absolutely perfect!!

i was very sceptical in buying this, but i summon courage anyway. waoooh! i love this product, to me i love d way it jiggle when am walking around in it. the first time i wear it, i could wear it for soo long as it fells a bit painful cos am a bit tight but the second day was soo amazing i wore it all day at home. when i was about to remove it i play wit it a bit and it did make me cum twice in a row!!! i am pleased in purshacing this product, to me they are not noisy.

Review by:
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