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Lubido Water Based Lubricant 250ml



For all the benefits of water based lubricant and the staying power of silicone, this Lubido Water Based Lubricant 250ml is one of the best.

£4.99 £9.99
£4.99 £9.99
£4.99 £9.99

For all the benefits of water based lubricant and the staying power of silicone, this Lubido Water Based Lubricant 250ml is one of the best.

£4.99 £9.99

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£4.99 £9.99

Customer reviews for Lubido Water Based Lubricant 250ml

love this!

this stuff is very nice, not like some you get that can be sticky and sort of gross. also, just a little bit of it goes a long way.

would recommend.

Review by:

Iíve tried a number of lubes and this one is by far the best! A little goes a long way for me and it doesnít feel sticky or unpleasant in any way. Being latex safe means I can use it with my toys too which makes things more fun for me! Definitely recommend to everyone.

Review by:
Long lasting and performs well

The lube itself is actually fairly thick, clear and pretty tasteless.

We've tried this on a number of occasions, him solo whilst using a male masturbation stroker, her solo with a dildo and together whilst having sex.

I eased into the stroker half expecting to encounter a bit of snagging, thankfully I slid in with ease. I began stroking away and the libido worked a treat, I didn't need to top it up it stayed slick all the way to the end. So as a lube for solo male action, it was slippy and lasted well 10/10.

When MrsB got a chance to test the Lubido she used it with her favorite toy, her comment was that it ‘felt very natural and long lasting' staying slippy all the way through her session.
Our final test was to use it together, when it came down to it the Lubido performed as well as it had it the other tests, nice and slippy, long lasting with no nasty smells or tastes.

Rating: 9/10

Bondara sent the Pleasure Panel a sample of the Lubido Water-Based Lubricant free of charge, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

Review by: Cara Sutra's Pleasure Panel
Excellent water based lube!

I have tried quite a few lubes in my time and there is always some basics that a lube needs to have for my usage; feel, taste, smell and duration.

First up is the feel of the lube, Lubido has a great sensation, it is nice and light, not sticky or slimey in the slightest! Being safe to use with latex is an added bonus, perfect to use with toys and condoms. The taste is possibly the only downside to this lube, having a strong chemical taste to it, but then again only a downside if using with oral...

The smell was basically non existent which is perfect! There wasn't an over powering scent of either florals or chemicals, which for me makes an excellent lube! The duration which Lubido lube lasts is pretty much forever. It didn't dry out, get tacky or need topping up! A little really does go a long way with this, my sample packets lastest me at least 4 sessions each.

Overall, Lubido is a perfect lubrication for all users, except if you want to put it in your mouth...

Rating 4.5/5

Review by: Jessica's Rabbit

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