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Erotic Edibles

Got a sweet tooth that needs satisfying? With flavours to tickle all taste buds, shop erotic edibles from Bondara. Lick, nibble and kiss your partner with body paints, dress up in candy underwear or enjoy a naughty treat with lollipops, chocolates and sweets. Dessert's on us.

  • BJ Blast Strawberry Oral Sex Candy

    • Strawberry flavoured popping sex candy. • Pop and fizz your way to a new and exciting orgasm. • Edible bedroom fun candy with enough for...   › More

    £3.99 In Stock
  • Prosecco-Flavoured Jelly Willies

    • A sweet treat with a penis-shaped twist • Tastes of prosecco but alcohol-free!  • Comes in a champagne-style bottle   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Bodylicious Edible Body Pens

    • Lick and kiss the edible paint off your partner’s skin • Write sweet nothings or create X-rated doodles • Pack of four pens, each...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Mint BJ Spray - 20ml

    • Freshen up before and after oral sex with this easy-to-use spray • Creates a cooling, tingling sensation you'll both enjoy • Just two...   › More

    £12.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
  • After Dinner Willies

    • Swap your after-dinner treat with these willies • Perfect way to end the night on a naughty note • Dark chocolate filled with a delicious,...   › More

    £8.99 In Stock
  • Edible Anus Chocolates

    • It’s always awful when you buy someone a terrible present. You know it. They know it - but with these chocolates, fear no more • Satisfy...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Chocolate Fantasy Strawberry Body Topping

    • Take dessert to the bedroom with this chocolate and strawberry flavoured body topping  • Drip, trail and spread this sweet treat across your...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Marshmallow Willies

    • A classic treat with a naughty, willy-shaped twist • Finish off your hot chocolate or roast on a fire • Sugary coating for an extra-sweet...   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Cola Willies

    • Cola-flavoured sweets for a tasty treat • Willy-shaped design adds a naughty twist • Not suitable for vegetarians   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Peppermint Nipples

    • Nipple shaped mints for freshening your breath. • Perfect for a comical gift!   › More

    £4.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
  • Rainbow Cock Pop

    • Get your lips around this dick-shaped lollipop • Fruity flavour and eye-catching, rainbow design • Erotic edible is perfect as a novelty...   › More

    £6.99 In Stock
  • Candy Cuffs

    • Restrain your playmate with these candy cuffs • Lick and suck the candy rings to release them • Give your tie and tease play a delicious...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Rainbow Pussy Pop

    • X-rated lollipop for a taste of the erotic rainbow • Pussy-shaped design with a delicious, fruity flavour • The perfect novelty gift for...   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Candy Blow Job Willy

    • Large shaped candy penis. • Perfect for practicing your sucking skills! • Naughty favour for a hen party.   › More

    £8.99 In Stock
  • Chocolate Fantasy Café Mocha Body Topping

    • Rich and creamy, awaken your senses with this café mocha flavoured body topping • Make your foreplay even sweeter as you lick the topping...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Candy Bra

    • Lick, suck and nibble your way to the real treat underneath • Candy bra on an elasticated band for easy, comfortable wear • Perfect for...   › More

    £9.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
  • BJ Blast Apple Oral Candy

    • Apple flavoured popping sex candy. • Edible sex candy for an orgasm like never before. • Also available in Strawberry and Cherry .   › More

    £3.99 In Stock
  • BJ Blast Cherry Oral Candy

    • Cherry flavoured popping oral sex candy. • Exploding edible sweets for a naughty night of fun. • Also available in Strawberry and Apple .   › More

    £2.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
  • Peppermint Peckers

    • Get minty-fresh breath with these peppermint peckers • Willy-shaped mints are sugar-free and extra-strong • Give it a good suck and enjoy...   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Jelly Willies

    • Suck on a willy without raising eyebrows • Fruity flavoured, fun treats • Perfect novelty gift for a friend   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Feeling Fruity Jelly Boobs

    • Breast-shaped sweets are perfect for sucking • Gummy treats with a delicious, fruity taste • Not suitable for vegetarians   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Cola Boobs

    • Funny treat for a friend or partner. • Cola flavoured jelly sweets shaped like boobs. • Perfect for a stag or hen party!   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Edible Body Paints and Brush Set

    • Write sweet nothings onto your partner’s skin with this edible paint set • Four delicious flavours include passion fruit, cherry,...   › More

    £11.99 In Stock
  • Edible Apple Flavoured Gummy Men's Undies

    • Apple flavoured, gummy undies for him promise a sweet treat for you both • Show off what you’ve got in the crotchless design • The...   › More

    £7.99 In Stock
  • Candy Posing Pouch

    • A sweet treat for all you candy lovers • Keeps his package safely hidden away • Nibble and suck your way to the...   › More

    £9.99 In Stock
  • Sex Position Suckers Cherry Blow Job Lollipop

    • X-rated design gives your lollipop a naughty twist  • Cherry flavoured for a delicious, sweet treat  • Leave them laughing with...   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Edible Strawberry Gummy Men's Undies

    • Strawberry flavoured gummy undies for men. • Stretchy gummy edible underwear for a kinky night of fun. • Crotchless underwear for easy...   › More

    £11.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
  • Strawberry Flavoured Pussy Lollipop

    • Sweet, strawberry flavoured lollipop • Realistic detailing for extra temptation! • Perfect for a stag do or as a novelty gift   › More

    £4.99 In Stock
  • Boobie Pop

    • Boob-shaped lollipop for an X-rated treat • Strawberry flavour is begging to be licked! • Perfect as a party favour or for a stag-do   › More

    £5.99 In Stock
  • Men’s Candy Underwear 2 Piece Set
    Up To 50% Off

    Men’s Candy Underwear 2 Piece Set

    • Men’s underwear set is a treat for the eyes and the taste buds! • Let your partner lick, suck and bite off each fruity-flavoured sweet ...   › More

    £8.99 £11.99 In Stock
  • Edible Strawberry Gummy Panties

    • Strawberry flavoured gummy panties for women. • Edible crotchless underwear for cheeky easy access. • Also available for Men .   › More

    £7.99 In Stock
  • Candy G-String

    • The perfect after-dinner treat for two • Lick, suck and nibble through the candy • G-string shape leaves your bum on...   › More

    £9.99 Out of stock
    • Out of Stock
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