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The Knobbly Bobbly Monster Dildo 9 Inch Reviews

The Knobbly Bobbly Monster Dildo  9 Inch

The Knobbly Bobbly Monster Dildo 9 Inch Reviews

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The Knobbly Bobbly Monster Dildo 9 Inch
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Reviews For The Knobbly Bobbly Monster Dildo 9 Inch

  • Sooo Good
    I finally managed to get this fully inside me last night, I came on every inch I think! Its sooooo good
    Review by ....
  • OMFG wife LOVES it.
    When my wife saw this guy she was slightly hesitant about it, but with plenty of lube and gentle movements she took it in and I felt it happen. Afte a while she was used to the feel and girth she then told me to fuck her hard with it. My god I have NEVER seen her cum so hard before and she really squirted when it happened. GOOD buy for the price.
    Review by ....
  • Wow
    This dildo is just .....wow!!
    Goes straight to the top of my favourite list!
    Lots of lube and slip it in. I feel Every single bump right inside!
    Makes me squirt in seconds!
    I love rubbing the shaft over my clit too
    Review by Kimmy....
    I received this in the post yesterday and tried it out this morning! I lubed it up and literally within a minute of play I was gushing!! I have never felt anything like it in my pussy before. No clit stimulation needed at all to make me cum!!

    The nodules on this dildo are intense and it is sooooo girthy! Lube is a must but sweet lord it'll make you cum...hard!!!

    I already want to play with it again!!
    Review by Olivia Dixon....
  • Cums like a train
    Wife loves the full feeling from this dildo.Needs plenty of lube though,and she luvs the feeling of the nodules on the inside of her clit.Cums like a train when I ram it in her,juices running down the shaft as she spurts.
    Review by Ian....
  • Favourite Toy!
    I've been eyeing up this dildo for a while, and buying it is one of the best decisions I've ever made!

    The dildo is a really nice size (I enjoy bigger ones) and the base means it's easy to grip and use in most positions. The bumps create a lovely sensation (only used vaginally as of now), and the curve hits the spot perfectly every time! The only downside seems to be that the material attracts A LOT of fluff, so it does need to be cleaned and stored away from anything that could easily stick to it. Besides that small issue, I'd really recommend this toy to anyone.
    Review by ....
  • OMG Love it
    Purchased this after looking at several monster dildos, this was one of my choices.
    I have never been in to dildos more into the vibrator but OMG i love this one
    you can feel the knobbly bobbly bits, which assisted with me cumming
    I used it and had my Husband fuck me with it and all my concerns about size and pleasure went out the window
    Definitely a purchase well worth while
    Review by Nicky....
  • This Is No Joke
    I bought this for my wife. When she saw it she thought it was a joke present...
    Then she used it and it made her cum so hard she cried! She doesn't think it's a joke anymore. She loves it.
    Review by ....
  • Amazing
    This is my first large dildo I first look I thought no way!! But yes way it feels so good also love using this with my partner to start with it was a struggle to get ut in make sure you lube it up. I love it
    Review by Maria....
  • I have never craved a dildo before
    This has become one of my favourite toys so far. It's the go to for when I want some me time. The girth is not too big, enough to give a nice feeling of fullness, and the bumpy bits just ramp up the sensation. I love it!
    Review by Hans....
  • That hits the spot
    Unpacked this from the very discreet packaging and immediately thought oh my god Ill never get all that in.
    Went off about my chores but couldnt get this monster off my mind.
    I could not wait to get this inside me.
    I crept upstairs and locked myself and this dildo in the bathroom with lube in hand.
    I was surprised how heavy this is and it has some lovely girth to it.
    I thought it was well made but I think it could have done with a heavy duty suction cup to keep it still.
    I lubed it well as the back of the package recommended not that Id dare try it without.
    I Hit record On my phone so I could see what was going on and slid down the shaft right down the the balls .. well oh my god it feels amazing i loved feeing full
    I coupled it with my new butt plug and brought myself to almost an instant orgasm with the knobbles on the sides hit everything on the way in and out.
    I filled all holes before dinner time and will be doing it again before bedtime.
    Just thinking about it upstairs is turning me on again.
    Review by Fallenangel....
  • Awesome
    My partner and myself have gained immense pleasure from this dildo. Using it alone or during sex so my partner also feels the knobbly bits that give him an awesome orgasm. Fantastic purchase
    Review by S&A....
  • Amazing
    Was amazing, I stuck it up my asshole and came within the first few minutes, Im a gay guy in Liverpool and the dick isnt good over here so I decided to give this a try and it was amazing
    Review by Stephen Montgomery....
  • she is in love
    ordered because she liked it and when it came she went oh no. tryed it the first time and nope not nice and only managed a inch. waited a couple of weeks and she got it out to use and when she used plenty ''spunk'' lube it went in easy. to say she liked it was a understatement, as it was to good so had to stop before the first 5mins as she didnt want to ruin the moment (her words). now its the goto toy and she is in love. it looks so good going in and out when she plays with fake or real spunk that i end up shooting all over her pussy. please make more like this and we will buy them. well done bondara
    Review by ....
  • Oooohhh WOW!
    Not for a beginner that's for sure, but wow, this really hits the spot.

    Those bumps feel amazing as the pulse up & down your anus.

    It's heavy so stays to the ground & is very flexible so you can spin it around whilst inside.

    Lovely toy, great bumps. Now on to something with a little more girth.
    Review by ....
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