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Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing Reviews

Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing - 1

Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing Reviews

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Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing
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Reviews For Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing

  • 10/10

    Both my other half and I have wanted a sex swing for some time, but were put off by the prices or the assembly of them. Our main issue is - I am a big girl and some of the swings are not made for such ladies. However, the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing looked sturdy and weight wasn't an issue with it.

    Once positioned on the Bondara Ultimate Spinning Sex Swing, I have to say it really is very comfortable, the only downside is there is no strap for your head and neck to be supported so could cause discomfort after prolonged use. I found the swing excellent for giving oral sex by leaning my head back, it was a different angle to normal and the OH seemed to enjoy that too. He was able to stand up to fuck me and could just pull the swing towards him at whatever speed and depth he wanted.

    Rating: 10/10


    Review by Cara Sutra's Pleasure Panel....
  • Best Christmas present ever! (Feedback from my partner)
    Bought this sex swing for my boyfriend for Christmas.

    Tried it out and it's amazing.

    The different positions you can do is immense.

    He claimed to have a more intense orgasm when tilted back in it.

    It's worth the money and very sturdy!
    Review by ....
  • Sex swing
    Ordered yesterday morning, have spent the past few hours "experimenting" Incredible service, amazing product - 7th anniversary present = best present ever, typing the review flushed, blussing & grinning like an idiot... just getting my energy back to go and play some more!!!! Highly recommended ;)
    Review by MsHedonist....
  • Buy one now!!
    Finally decided to buy a swing, couldn't really say no at less than 60. Honestly one of the best purchases I've made in my life. Simple to put together, easy to take down to put away out of sight under the bed or in a cupboard should you need to, the only thing you'll need to be mindful of is to make sure you put the hook into a ceiling beam that's capable of taking the strain because once you and your other half get started in it you will get carried away, we certainly did. Simple to adjust even with someone in it and the possibilities are endless, I'd be happy if my wife never got out of it but unfortunately that's just not practical!! In short, if you enjoy having sex, and given the website you're on you obviously do, you just have to have one of these. Go on treat yourselves and then enjoy the ride!!
    Review by Jay....
  • sex swing
    i recently bought the ultimate sex swing for my boyfriend and i.. he said it was the best present anyone had ever got for him and that he never wanted to have sex in a bed again.. it was easy to use and comfortable and we had lots of fun .. it really brought our sex life to another level.. i would highly recommend every couple to have one:)
    Review by carol....
  • WOW
    Great product, easy to install and boy does it bring new levels of romance back into our sex life. We dont think you had sex till you try a sex swing go buy one there great !!! Outstanding quality and for less than ú50 notes a real bargain.
    Review by Lisa n Phil....
  • Spinning Sex Swing
    This spinning sex swing has opened our world! I float on air when using this sex swing and so does my partner. It can take our hundreds of pounds without breaking or taking a chunk out of our ceiling. This sex swing has enabled us to try a multitude of sex positions we couldnÆt do without it. We're both very happy with the cost, the easy assembly, and our new sex life.
    Review by JoEllen....
  • excellent
    its fantastic, its the best thing i have ever bought
    Review by gaz braz....
  • We've been swinging all night long!
    Thanks for your great reviews. Always helps to hear what others have to say about it. Mine came through in the post yesterday and we spent a good part of yesterday evening playing on the swing (so to speak). First time we've had one of the these and we love it. So easy to put together. A good quality swing.
    Review by Thomas....
  • Fab
    After having read those reviews I had to get one. Ordered it at 2pm. Next day it arrived and 1 hour later it was hanging up in the bedroom. We love it ... I can go on for longer now and we've tried so many new positions its untrue!!! What a great swing. We've got quite a few open minded friends and we are actually thinking about getting one for the guest bedroom. Can you immagine their faces when they open the door???! I can't wait ...
    Review by Me....
  • Swingin all night long!
    Quick feedback from me on the swing. Came in a nice box with pics (for ideas!). It's really easy to assemble and it's a really study piece of kit. The strong nylon straps r nicely padded for a comfy ride. What I personally like about the swing is ... you never seem to run out of ideas. Bed got a bit boring and we needed something new. Everytime we go anywhere near the swing (quite often ha ha) one of us comes up with an idea what we could do next. This swing has livened things up for us again. So I'm really happy that we bought it and I recommend to anyone.
    Review by Frank B....
  • Sex Swing
    My wife and I needed to spice things up and in bedroom and decided to take the plunge and buy the sex swing after hearing about it from other people. All I can say is, it was the best buy we've made in a long time. Can't begin to tell you the fun we've had with this swing.
    Review by Anonymous....
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