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Slip N’ Slide Silky Water-Based Lubricant – 200ml Reviews

Lubricant Comes In A Plastic Bottle With A Pump Dispenser

Slip N’ Slide Silky Water-Based Lubricant – 200ml Reviews

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Slip N’ Slide Silky Water-Based Lubricant – 200ml
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Reviews For Slip N’ Slide Silky Water-Based Lubricant – 200ml

  • Just the ticket .
    I needed some good lube for my entry into sounding. I was excited to give it a try and was not disappointed. It's the best lube I've used and felt great just rubbing it into my penis. I thought it was a great price. It's soo slippery.
    Review by Graham....
  • Best lubricant I've tried
    This is probably the best lubricant I've tried so far; it lasts a good amount of time, and the amount the bottle dispenses is perfect for distributing specifically where you want without making a mess. Highly recommend
    Review by ....

    The packaging is the first thing that caught my eye with this lube- it’s stunning so was excited to try this out. It’s got a beautiful, silky consistency, and a little goes a long way as it seems to last a lot longer when using than other lubes I’ve had. I like that it didn’t have a smell, as that can be quite off putting at times. There’s no stickiness left behind so clean up is a breeze. 10/10 will get again!

    Review by ....
  • Simply amazing

    Now, this one was my favourite, by all counts. It has a rather liquid texture, which is good, and the colour is somewhat similar to, well, sperm, which I find rather sexy. Extra points for a little pump, so it won’t spill if abandoned among the sheets! Also I like that it is water-based, I have sensitive skin and this is much gentler option than the oil-based ones!

    Review by ....
  • Great Lube, top quality

    This silk lube is another great example of thickness and not too watery for use. I feel this lube has prove it has a worth. This is great lube is general and I can’t say nothing bad about it. 

    Review by ....
  • Looks and feels luxurious

    It looks amazing in the bottle-like a really expensive hand cream. As the bottle says, it’s very slippy. Doesn’t have any unpleasant smell to it. A single application last for ages. Washes off easily after use. Good value for money considering you get 200ml.

    Review by ....
  • Burns
    I like the pump applicator, and a little really does go along way. It also has no smell which I prefer and because its water based there’s so stickiness which I absolutely hate. However, when used vaginally it’s really, really burns!! Anal wise its completely okay, but it really burns & stings my vagina!!
    Review by ....
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