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Largo Vibrating Penis Pump Reviews

Largo Vibrating Penis Pump - 1

Largo Vibrating Penis Pump Reviews

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Largo Vibrating Penis Pump
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Reviews For Largo Vibrating Penis Pump

  • 'SOLID' 10 out of 10
    First time using a pump!
    I used this with my wife pumped it slowly over about 15 mins until the veins in my penis were enlarged and throbbing! I then went on to exit the pump and enter my Extra long thick girthy pumped penis into my wife and do her from behind until we both cum hard together! The pump worked amazingly she could definitely feel the extra size! Well worth buying!
    Review by Daz....
  • Feels fantastic

    My partner love using this on me with or without vibrations it feels fantastic the way she used it to enhance both my pleasure and hers was fantastic. The feel of the pump around your penis is wonderful with the powerful vibrations. Well worth the investment if you're looking for a great experience with of without your partner.

    Reviewed as part of our Bondara Pleasure Seekers programme.

    Review by Bondara Pleasure Seekers....
  • Some success
    Bought this over a year ago had some success using it have seen increase in girth and length. The only thing I find wrong with these is that the nozzle on top always breaks which has just happened looking at getting new one or going for a different one. It's well worth the money though and would recommend it to others.
    Review by Macdonna....
  • Worth it
    Partner loved this, in fact he became somewhat addicted!! But eh more he used it the thicker and longer his cock became so Im not complaining!!
    Suction is great, much better than other, more expensive brands
    Review by Bee....
  • Pretty good
    First timer user, seems pretty good. Suction is great and vibration is a bonus to the feeling
    Review by Dave....
  • 100% Satisfaction
    did not think the pump would do what it said but how wrong was i it gets a 100% satisfaction from me and from the wife. the price was great and it is very well constructed very easy to use and the wife can even control the pump
    Review by dave....
  • awesome job
    i have used this for a while and it has done a awesome job :D
    Review by jake papp....
  • penis pump
    this product is awesome, very cost effective and i gained 3 inches in length
    Review by dominic....
  • Penis Pump
    I went to a sex toys party last week with my girlfriend, and there were lots of great sex toys to choose from. It was hard choosing which ones we wanted because all of them were so good. One sex toy I chose was this penis pump vibrator. I've heard of penis pumps, but I've never used one before. This penis pump is easy to use, and it feels very good when the suction goes after my dick. One of the blokes at the party already owned one, so he helped me choose. He also taught me how to use it. This penis pump is wonderful! Not only does it pump up, making me very hard, it also vibrates. Blood rushes into my penis as I suction the air out of the pump, and the vibrations make me even hornier. I tried it first on the floor in front of everyone û this was a very open party û and then I tried it using vibrations. Either way works for me! I can't rave enough about this penis pump. It makes me hard, and I think that using it daily has made my erection larger. I also last longer, now that I'm use to pumping myself up with this penis pump. It's very sturdy, and the price was just right. This is a high quality sex toy that is worth everything I paid for it. I like the way it makes me hard, and when I use it, my girlfriend gets turned on. We both enjoy it.
    Review by Bart....
  • Satisfaction
    First time using a pump, and gotta say, it is so satisfying seeing it grow from what I thought was full length. Feels pretty nice in suction, really like using it, and the measurements on the side show how much of a difference it makes.

    As for complaints about it, it would largely be focused on the vibrator, not the pump itself. First of all, I was surprised about how difficult it was to put the vibrator in its little sleeve, I didn't think I would end up using lube to assemble the pump haha. The vibrator is really loud as well - although it isnt as if I would try to use this in a situation where noise would get me noticed - but the lack of power felt from the vibrator is pretty underwhelming when you consider how loud it is.

    But these small issues I have with it are nothing, I would still highly reccomend, definitely worth the price I paid, easy 9/10
    Review by J....
  • Feels nice but ..
    Feels very nice on, a huge turn on but not enough room inside to grow.
    I thought it would fit but the pump digs in that much before you know it your at the end and getting pinched by the suction tube.

    Would advise getting but double check it will fit first.
    Review by ....
  • Great pump
    Great pump...and it's works perfectly... only one problem,my one,broken after 2 weeks of use,crack along tube.
    Review by ....
  • so so
    Was good as a vacuum pump, found the egg pointless on the pump, but it's always good to have something vibrating to stick up yer jacksy. Was pretty happy with it overall, certainly had some fun times using it but eventually broke at the pipe attachment nipple, definite design flaw.
    Review by ....
  • Partial success
    Easy to use and comfortable fit, whilst using results are pleasing (girth expanding to full width of the pump and length extending to almost an extra 3 centimetres) as soon as released the gains totally go. Vibration does not work through the plastic sleeve
    Review by ....
  • Good suction
    Good suction and vibration, but I find the title misleading LARGO I thought might mean large. I filled it and then there is nowhere left to expand into so limited to what it is.
    I could with one with a little more girth and length.
    Review by Neil Down (in front of me)....
  • Not good
    Too tight at the base and no use for me. I cannot go inside without feeling pain. I'm not particularly big so I'm not sure how other guys are able to use it. Make sure it's gonna fit before buying it.
    Review by ....
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