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Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Masturbator 4 Inches Reviews

Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Masturbator  4 Inches

Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Masturbator 4 Inches Reviews

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Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Masturbator 4 Inches
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Reviews For Fleshlight Quickshot Stamina Training Unit Masturbator 4 Inches

  • Size doesn't always matter
    I used to own a Fleshlight which was great, but it was lost some years ago, my partner has been curious about getting one, and as I bought her one of the best toys ever last year, I thought I'd surprise her by getting myself something. Not wanting to pay the price of a full-sized Fleshlight again, I thought I'd go for this smaller and cheaper option.

    We can confirm it's just as amazing as the full-sized one I had, sure, it doesn't have the cap to alter the suction, and it isn't big enough for the whole penis, but the experience is amazing.

    I'm pretty girthy and find condoms that fit comfortably at the base of the shaft to be quite a challenge (just mentioned as a reference point) and this is about as small as I think I could manage for my width. This makes for quite a tight fit which means lots of lube is needed, but with the right stuff, it's very similar in feeling to a vagina.

    I like that it has the butthole on the other side for the variety, both sides have a different feel, but unexpectedly the pussy side means the other hole passes over the head too as it's stroked, which creates a suction effect which works for me!

    Compared to a standard Fleshlight, there's less scope for how it can be used, so you're always going to need a hand, yours or hers, to use it. I highly recommend this, though, as the orgasms from it are at least as strong as the full-sized equivalent. Once upon a time, these were great for personal time but so much better to share the experience using one with someone else!
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  • Great first fleshlight.
    The first fleshlight we'd used, so went for the cheapest. No complaints while my wife was using it on me, except it's not long enough. My penis kept escaping out the other side, either pussy side or the arse.
    Also found, washing it after use caused the rubbery mould to come lose and pop out its gold holder, pushed back in and doesn't seem to fit as snug. Overall great feeling, just not built well.
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