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Bondara Latex Black Butt Plug 5 inch Reviews

Bondara Latex Black Butt Plug

Bondara Latex Black Butt Plug 5 inch Reviews

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Bondara Latex Black Butt Plug 5 inch
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Reviews For Bondara Latex Black Butt Plug 5 inch

  • Bondara latex black butt plug
    Love it..took a while to get in and was really suprised when it popped fully inside me as the base is flexible. Was a bit worried i could not get it out but gave me a wonderful feeling when i did as it stretched me open to the max!! Really recommend it.
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  • Bondara Latex Black Butt Plug 5 inch
    Amazing toy. Tried it as soon as it arrived. Took me 3 goes to insert it boy did it stretch me wide open. Felt amazing once in and kept it in for hours.Bliss!! Be careful it does not go fully in though as the plug part quite flexible. Totally recommend it but not for beginners.
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  • oh my goodness
    this is a toy 10.5 inches circumference!!!!!
    is the biggest one i ever bought...after two days i still feeling wide open...to insert was difficult as it too short in length, it should be taller the bottom neck...in this way once inside it will be easier to take it out...as i was scared that i couldn't take it out...after all its an amazing toy...can't wait to try it again...as it make me come without even touching myself...wow factor
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  • soft base
    Arrived quickly, wanted to try it out, nice size and shape, however, the base lets it down being too pliable
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