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Bondara Latex Ultimate Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug – 5.5 Inch Reviews

Insertable Length Of Black Latex Ultimate Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug Is 4.5 Inches

Bondara Latex Ultimate Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug – 5.5 Inch Reviews

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Bondara Latex Ultimate Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug – 5.5 Inch
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Reviews For Bondara Latex Ultimate Inflatable Vibrating Butt Plug – 5.5 Inch

  • Wow
    Just amazing. Words are pointless, you must try it.
    Only downside is the cable coming from under the base which means you need to be creative if you want to attach it or sit on it.
    But is just a minor detail in an abundance of pleasure
    Review by F....
  • whoa!!!
    what a toy! a larger than usual bulb for pumping up, a better quality controller (though only intensity control, no pulse variations, that's a miss, I reckon). It takes a few mins to work this toy to full insertion as even uninflated it's a fair size, and I love a bit of in and out with the vibrations going as is (like all inflatables with vibrations, the vibrations are pretty pointless when you've inflated it). Then when you inflate it, mama mia!!!! always gives mindblowing orgasms; getting stretched internally is lush. I particularly like using it with some serious penis vacuum pumping, the two feelings together are mindblowing.
    Review by m....
  • 0 to OMG! in less than 5 minutes!

    Couldn't wait to try this product I love anal toys it was a little bigger than I expected ot to be but plenty or lube and a little patience was able to use this toy with ease , the powerful vibrations are amazing, 0 to OMG! in less than 5 minutes! couple the vibrations with the fact that you can inflate and deflate simultaneously and your in for some anal fun that has you begging for more also great for dp alone all in all if you love anal this toys for you the only downside is its battery operated and not rechargeable

    Review by ....
  • Wow
    This is the first inflatable plug I - a dude - have had, and was a bit anxious as to how well I would take it, as pre inflation it would already be the largest plug I have had in there. Not the largest of any things have had though so it went in nicely felt ok as any other plug does, and then I started pumping.


    I really don't know how to express it, just


    By the time I got to 8 pumps I was quivering.
    This is hands down my favourite thing I have ever had in my ass, it seriously feels great, would HIGHLY reccomend.
    I thought it was pretty funny how the pump looks like a grenade given how it blows it up hahaha.

    In case you missed it, Wow.

    The only downside I have to this is that I personally found the vibrations somewhat lackluster, but who cares? That isn't why you are buying this, you are buying it for the inflation, and honestly, the vibrations arent needed, pumping it up is more than enough to make you squirm.
    Review by J....
  • Omg
    Me and the misses have been experimenting with some anal play for a while now but this is the next level of enjoyment she loves it only managed a few pumps first time but she’s getting use to it my turn next.
    Review by ....
  • Outstanding
    Oh my days.......I brought this plug a few days and it arrived today. Tried it this morning and wow. Absolutely amazing. Totally enjoyed having it in me. Managed to get 3 pumps. It felt so incredible inside me. Can't wait to try it it again.
    Review by ....
  • Best Toy Ever
    Pretty new to anal toys - have explored anal sex before, but this.... this is something else!!!!! Got up to 8 pumps after trying it slowly 3 times in one session with my partner (he was in control of the pumps), and he was moving it around when it was inside me and i soaked the floor!!!! Absolutely immense feeling of fullness, and can't wait to use it again and increase the pumps! Haven't tried the vibrations yet so can't comment there. Never felt anything like this before, and I highly recommend it!!!!!
    Review by ....
  • Mind blowing
    This toy will blow your mind.
    Review by ....
  • Filling
    I have several solid plugs and an inflatable dildo, but this was the first inflatable plug I had bought. The plug is solid and feels weighty. It fits in very easily- it's not the biggest one in length, but the strong pump fills it easily and it's the best feeling I've ever had- the bulge when it inflates pushing right against my P-spot. The multispeed vibes are amazing. I really like the lowest frequency ones, these feel the best and if I sit down and move around slightly they really hit the spot. I've never had a full orgasm from P-spot stim, and this was the closest I have come: precum running out. Going to keep practising until I have a good orgasm through this, with no hands invovled.
    Review by kinkyb....
  • Stretched is an Understatement
    The plug itself is really firm and I needed lube to be able to insert it fully. During solo play, it can be hard to secure the pug whilst inflating it at the same time, and I found that if i pressed the base of the plug, the air would release, so this was slightly frustrating and I couldn't get the right angle to hold it in position whilst inflating.
    However, when I managed to inflate it, I can't describe how incredible it felt and my SO loves using this on me... Definitely lets us explore our kinks and have a lot of fun.
    Review by Kate....
  • Feels incredible
    Lovely size, a little struggle to get in initially. I’m a huge bum fun fan have several plugs but this is the largest.. that’s without the added inflation. It took a little persuasion and a lot of lube to finally pop this in. It was a little uncomfortable at the widest part as there seems to be a ridge where the inflation workings seem to be. Once in it feels incredible! I was given four pumps by my man and I very nearly orgasmed when the vibrations went on. Such an incredibly full feeling, my partner loved watching me wriggle and squirm under his control.
    Review by ....
  • Great, but doesn't last
    I'm not a very experienced user, this is the first toy I've bought. Everything about it was incredible, took a bit of work and a lot of lube to insert at first but once it was in and inflated - amazing! I only use the vibration occasionally, the plug is usually enough but it's great to have an extra treat when you want it. Unfortunately after a couple of months it deflates itself within a few seconds, very frustrating when you're feeling full and ready to pull it out slowly but it's gone back to the smallest size
    Review by ....
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