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Bondara UV Sex Toy Sanitising Pouch And Storage Bag 8.5 Inch

  • £39.99
  • Reviews (3)
Bondara UV Sex Toy Sanitising Pouch And Storage Bag  8.5 Inch

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Reviews (3)

• Zip-up pouch uses powerful UV LED technology to keep your sex toys germ-free! 

• Easy to use, one click kills 99.99% of bacteria in a short 5-minute sterilisation cycle

• Travel-friendly bag uses USB-C cable for convenient power via adapter or power bank 

• Suitable for toys up to 8.5-inches for discreet storage in stylish faux leather 

• Ideal for sanitising other personal items such as your mobile phone

Say goodbye to lengthy cleansing rituals and chemical sanitisers… Get your sex toys sparkling clean with the UV Sex Toy Sanitising Pouch And Storage Bag by Bondara.

At 9-inches long, this stylish faux leather pouch discreetly sanitises and stores sex toys up to 8.5-inches long. Easy to use; connect the USB-C cable to your adapter or power bank, place your toy inside, zip up the bag, then double-click the button to turn on the sterilising process and destroy dangerous pathogens in just 5 minutes.

This convenient sanitiser can also be used to sterilise other personal items such as mobile phones! You'll achieve peace of mind with this UV steriliser, the hassle-free solution for keeping your sex toys germ-free.

Please note: Lather, rinse and dry your sex toy before use. Do not look directly into the UV LEDs when turned on or expose to skin. However, this device includes a safety feature that automatically turns the UV LEDs off when the lid is lifted.

Colour Taupe
Material Faux Leather
Features UV emitting LEDs to sterilize your toys, Kills 99.99% Of bacteria,  auto shut-off if lid is opened while in operation, will sterilize your toys in 5 minutes then shut itself down. View window so you can see when power is on. UV is the most effective way to sanitize your sex toys. Can also be used to sterilize other personal items such and mobile phones!
Length 9 Inches, can accomodate toys up to 8.5 Inches long
Operation 1. Plug in to USB power adapter or power bank. 2. Open bag and put in items. 3. Zip up bag & double click the start/stop button to turn on. 4. The sterilization process last 5 minutes & will automatically end with the lights turning off. 5. Turn off from the power supply
Caution Do not look directly into the UVLEDs when turned on or expose to skin, device has a safety feature to turn UVLEDS off automatically when lid is lifted.
Power USB Powered, connect to USB adapter for mains connection.
Please Note Rabbit Vibrator not included

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Customer reviews for Bondara UV Sex Toy Sanitising Pouch And Storage Bag 8.5 Inch

  • So useful!

    Very different to my usual purchases from Bondara… but I was really intrigued as to how this would work! I have never been much of a fan of in a bottle toy cleaners as I feel like chemicals is a no for that kinda area in my opinion…and so I personally just wash them. So, this seemed like the perfect solution for me to make sure there is no harmful bacteria on any toys whilst also not introducing any chemicals! Really easy to use and setup – I didn’t even read the instructions its that straight forward so, I wouldn’t say this is just for the tech-savvy! Very much recommend this product, I have even used this for other things such as keys and mine and my partners phones too (covid times) so it is very much multipurpose in that aspect.

    Review by ....
  • A pleasant surprise
    I never thought my first Adult item review would of a bag lol but here goes. I got this as it came to my attention during a sale and I have a weakened immune system so cleanliness is very important for me.
    First of all I love how discreet this bag is, I seriously doubt anyone could guess where I got it from without having been in this site themselves which is a huge pro.
    Secondly it is so quick and easy to use, you just pop the items in and leave it to do the job. What's more the little window allows you to see it's working with the blue light coming through. Once the light stops you're done.
    The strap is a great addition as it means you can hang it up for added convenience.
    I've actually found myself using this more for everyday items than toys and have had no issues so far.
    Lastly it's a nice storage bag for items when not in use and again due to its discreet nature no one bats an eye at it.
    I did empty it the first time I had friends over just in case but no one even noticed it as the design is so simple and plain that it just blends in.
    A great purchase that I'm very pleased with :)
    Review by ....
  • smart and functional

    I didn’t know this sort of product existed until I saw it on the site. I guess hygiene is a bit more on everyone's mind these days. I think this is one of those items that you might not realise you need but once you have one you can’t live without it. 

    The item itself looks smart and functional. It feels sturdy and well made. It is powered by USB C which is really useful as most modern phones/devices are now USB C. It is easy to use, just plug in, zip up the case with the item inside and press the power button twice. It did come with a manual that had instructions, however these were in badly translated English, fortunately this wasn’t a problem due to how easy the pouch is to use. You will know when the pouch is sanitising as you will see the blue glow of the UV light. I really like that it has the built in safety feature of only turning on if the zip is fully closed as it would be really dangerous to accidentally look into the UV light. 

    The size is good, all of our toys look like they will fit with the exception of particularly large toys such as full size wands. I am not really sure how much extra sanitation this provides on top of cleaning with soap and water or another toy cleaner. However, I do think this sort of device is especially useful if you want to share toys with different partners or if you want to use a toy analy and then in the vagina. This could even double as a handy storage bag to discreetly store your favourite toy in the bedside table or for transportation.

    One unexpected advantage is the number of everyday items you can use it with, such as mobile phones, keys, tv remotes and even your toothbrush. We actually have it in the living room now to sanitise our mobile phones when we come home, the fact the pouch gives off light in all directions is really handy. It's also a really inconspicuous item due to the current covid situation. I don’t think anyone would bat an eye at someone having this in their living room. 

    Review by ....
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