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Bondara Faux Leather Cropped Straitjacket

  • £29.99
  • Reviews (1)
Bondara Faux Leather Cropped Straitjacket

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Reviews (1)
  • Bondage straitjacket exposes the wearer’s breasts for full-access domination!
  • Closed sleeves restrain your submissive's arms for total upper body incapacitation
  • Stylish collar to waist harness features D-rings for versatile restraint
  • Fully adjustable - buckle the straps to the tightness you crave
  • Heavy-duty vegan leather feels soft against the skin

You'll be seduced by the sadistic possibilities of Bondara's Faux Leather Cropped Straitjacket...

Restrain your submissive as you take pleasure in fastening each buckle, adjusting each strap for a snug, inescapable fit. The closed-end sleeves cover their hands to leave them completely helpless, and can be bound via buckles behind the wearer’s back for full restriction. Meanwhile, the cropped design sits just above the breasts, leaving your sub's chest exposed for added titillation, while the chest harness binds their waist for a sexy fetish appeal.

Made from luxury vegan leather, this heavy-duty bondage accessory is incredibly soft for comfortable yet incapacitating wear. Introduce various accessories, restraints and leashes by fixing them to the D-rings that feature throughout this quality straitjacket. 

Material PVC
Colour Black
Collar Size 13" Smallest to 18" Largest
Waist Size 26" Smallest to 33" Largest
Shoulder Width 16"
Chest Width 17"
Fastening Adjustable Buckle Straps/ Padlock straps

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Customer reviews for Bondara Faux Leather Cropped Straitjacket

  • Grinning like a Cheshire Cat on Antidepressants
    Even though itís listed for women and being a 5,9Ē, slim male, my fiancť/Goddess bought this for me and has made me wear it on a couple of occasions. It would probably have been more, but since we own a fair bit of bondage stuff this had to wait its turn. And boy was I ultimately so glad when that turn (and I!) finally came.

    Although excited beyond belief, I was initially wary because I wasnít sure if it could contain me to Her satisfaction (we have in the past bought - and been let down by - bondage products that arenít up to our style of play and sadly break, and as Her butt-slut, Her property and Her slave I *love* to be restrained in the knowledge that I cannot escape - no matter how much I struggle to - especially during Her often enduring punishments).

    So - a little unsure of whether this would indeed do the job - I was thrilled when She gave me Ďthatí look; and told me sternly to go and fetch it (plus my cock cage and ball-gag/head harness for good measure). She already had Her favourite whip, one of Her crops and a selection of other (shall we say intrusive!) toys at the ready, so I knew I was in for a punishing and exhilarating evening.

    I just didnít want the restraint aspect to let me down and kill the mood. But I really neednít have worried (in any case my whimpering about it was very quickly and effectively silenced anyway!).

    I have to say that the feel of this against my skin as I slipped into it - and She secured my arms behind me - was pure ecstasy. It was tight, but felt silky and soft inside. After fixing a chain to the neck loop, She pulled me aggressively to my feet (I adore when She forcefully does this, so this is a really useful and sturdy additional feature!) and commanded me to stand by the mirror and look at my pathetic self as She stood behind me brandishing Her whip. The appearance of me, gagged tightly, drooling with an excitedly scared but thrilled look on my face sent my (by now) caged cock into hyperbulge. The way my by now erect nipples appeared through the apertures in the breast section only added to the lush look and feel of this.

    Just as I began to admire myself a little too much, however, She let me know my place; and after a few lashes I was back on my knees; and soon following Her obediently back to where She would spend the evening in comfort, and where I would kneel obediently and silently beside Her. By now a butt-plug was in too, so She had me exactly where and how She wanted me. Bliss.

    Without wanting to go into too much detail, I spent the next few hours of the evening securely restrained in this on Her lead, while She enjoyed her evening at Her leisure; of course taking intermittent but frequent opportunities to punish and chastise me in various ways. The straight jacket held firm throughout, and I am so glad that it did. I hate to let Her down, and I just adore the punishments and torment She inflicts upon me.

    Eventually She lamented slightly, and allowed me to lay down and sleep (still wearing this though, plus my cage, harness gag and by now slightly easier-fitting butt plug). I had spent the evening bulging as it was, especially during my punishments, and as I slowly drifted off to sleep (with a gagged smile on my face so huge that The Cheshire Cat on antidepressants doesnít even come close) I didnít care about the many marks, soreness and redness on my arse/legs/back; nor the feeling of having been sternly and unrelentingly anally punished by Her.

    Itís not unfair to say that my dreams that night were sweeter than ever, and I was still not going anywhere!

    When I was finally awoken in the middle of the night by a sharp pull on my chain, I was astounded as I knelt groggily before Her to feel my cage finally being removedÖ how lucky am I, I thought. Letís just say that what followed as she teased me to orgasm with her feet would rival an army of firefighters tackling an inferno, or perhaps that joke I once heard about an elephant at the window. It had been quite a while since I had ejaculated so hard after such amazing few hours of play, and to this day She reminds me that sheís never seen quite such a huge amount of joy on my face (plus something else we wonít go into!). The cleanup operations would probably make many an investor lament that earlier in the day they hadnít lumped big on Kleenex shares.

    And suffice to say, the lovemaking that usually follows our periods of play was just as mindblowing as always, if not more so.

    So all in allÖ yes I recommend this product, and canít wait for another, similar evening! If you arenít sure, just go for it. I promise you wonít be disappointed because I most definitely wasnít. And, I hope, neither was She.
    Review by Her slave....
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