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Spanking Whip Guide

Why Is Spanking So Popular In Bondage Play?

Pain can be very sexy which is why spanking is so popular. When we were children many of us were spanked so some people are aroused by the humiliation inherent in spanking. It's very sexy to feel a spanking whip against your sensitive skin. What's attractive about it is being rewarded for being a good submissive after feeling humiliation and vulnerability. That really turns on some people. Pain and pleasure together as one brings for incredible orgasms. Your bum has sensitive nerve endings plus it is very close to your intensely sensitive genitals. Use your hands or spanking canes, bullwhips, spanking whips, spanking crops, rattan canes, or flogger whips as sexually enhanced and popular flogging instruments. If you want a milder yet scintillating sensation, use feather ticklers to spank and arouse your partner.

You may accompany your erotic spanking with spanking whips with other forms of bondage like age play, erotic fantasy, oral sex, and restraint. Always use a safe word so that you and your partner know when the sex play has gone to far and that the submissive (the one being spanked) wants to stop or slow down. Safe words are vital because many sexual fantasies involve resistance as part of the game so ensuring the dominant partner (the one doing the spanking) knows when the sex play must stop for any reason.

How To Spank

For beginners, lie across your partner's lap, resting your head in a comfortable place, and allow your partner to slip off your knickers until your bum is exposed. If you wish, lie across a chair instead. Either way works. Begin with gentle and slow smacks using your hand or a spanking implement like a spanking whip. Don't spank too hard with our spanking whip the first time you try it or the pain may be too much for you. Begin by spanking the bum or the backs of the thighs since those areas are meaty and are less likely to be damaged unlike other areas of the body. Then caress the spanked flesh with your hands. Give it a good work-out with kneading and squeezing. Don't neglect the genitals so make sure you massage them as well since your partner is getting aroused from the whipping. The blood will soon be flowing quite well. Don't cause a lot of pain too quickly by moving too fast and hard. Listen to your partner and determine if those cries of pain are pleasant or agonizing in a bad way. Most likely there will be a little bit of both but make sure the experience leans towards arousal and excitement. Use safe words!

Ramp up your sex play with a little role-playing. Be the master who spanks his naughty school girl. Pretend to let making the bed slip your mind so that your partner will have to "punish" you with a flogger whip. Sexual role playing involves something to look forward to and enjoy with gusto. Follow the above instructions, but add your own Dom/sub characteristics.

Which Spanking Whip Should I Buy?

You may choose from many different types of spanking whips and implements. To meet all your needs, buy several different types. You might choose to use a whip one day and a paddle another day. You'll love the sensational pain and pleasure you get from your spanking tools and you'll be very aroused by the incredible whooshing sounds your implements make as they fly through the air before hitting your sweet flesh.

Flogger whip

Flogger whips are made from high quality suede and leather and they may be used for light sensation play. Also use a flogger whip to give a good, hard smack across the stomach, thighs, and buttocks. Deliver that sting with gusto!

Paddle whip

Paddle whips often bring back memories of childhood spankings and repressive schooling. You'll love your paddle whip which is often made of high quality leather. Use it for age play and fantasy role-playing. The pain is incredible and full of pleasure as you endure those strikes.

Bull whips

Indiana Jones would be jealous of your bull whip! You'll be at your partner's mercy the moment you hear the crack of that bull whip. Use the bull whip as a paddle by coiling it and spanking your partner with it.

Spanking cane

Toss in a little Victorian age play and master/slave bondage joy with a spanking cane. Age play is enhanced by spanking canes as well. Like similar bondage implements, spanking canes make a delightful whooshing sound as it wails through the air before striking your delicious flesh. That sound is one heck of a turn on!

Spanking/riding crop

Get out that bit gag and bondage collar and smack that riding crop against your partner's thigh when you engage in arousing horseplay. You'll love fantasy bondage horseplay and master/slave play with your sexy riding crop or spanking crop. You'll be out the gate in no time when you feel the sting of a riding crop or spanking crop.

Rattan cane

A rattan cane opens entirely new vistas of bondage play. It's ideal for age play and professor/student sexy role playing. You'll get an enticing sting when smacked with a rattan cane and when used properly it can elicit the most incredible orgasms. Let your master whip you into submission with a rattan cane!

Feather tickler

Some prefer light and sexy rather than painful so they would enjoy a feather tickler. Remember that tickling can also be quite torturous so enjoy the sensational kink of a feather tickler. Your nerve endings will quiver with ecstasy when your partner runs a feather tickler over your belly, pussy, and thighs. 

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