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Silicone Double Jiggle Balls

  • £7.99
Silicone Double Jiggle Balls

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• Jiggle balls subtly stimulate you during wear

• Tighten and strengthen your vagina over time

• Hygienic, silicone loop for easy removal

• 54g (medium), or 64g (large) to choose from

If you want to double up your kinky sex life with some vagina exercises, then try out these Silicone Double Jiggle Balls in hot pink. Simply lube up the balls slightly and insert them into your vagina so only the silicone loop is visible for easy removal. These balls both have a smaller weighted ball inside of them, so with each movement of your lower body, these balls will move and create knocking sensations inside you. Not only will this feel incredibly stimulating, but your muscles will contract with the knocks and give your vagina a seriously effective workout. These amazing balls are some of the most stimulating around and you can get them in both medium and large sizes depending on the level of stimulation you require. If you are new to kegel balls, the larger size is recommended for women over the age of 30 or who have had children in order to more effectively workout your kegel muscles. The difference in size between the two sets is small but the difference you'll feel is huge! If you're brand new to kegel toys and have never had a child then the medium balls may be more suitable for you.     

Colour Pink
Material Silicone & Metal
Features Easy Retrieve Loop, Small & Discreet.
Dimension Medium - 3.5" Length & 1" Diameter, Large - 3.5" Length & 1.5" Diameter
Waterproof? Yes
Weights 54g (medium), or 64g (large) to choose from

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Customer reviews for Silicone Double Jiggle Balls

  • An extremely pleasant surprise
    Well... Firstly, I bought these on a whim and out of curiosity. When they first arrived I was a bit uneasy by their size and potentially getting them stuck. However, with a good amount of lube they went in easily, with no problems getting them out again. At first I didn't see the appeal as they didn't seem to do much... However, after a while of wearing them they soon had me "in the mood". They add to the intensity of the orgasms and also feel reaallly good when used with a bullet vibrator. I love them!
    Review by Susie Woo
  • Perfect For Your PC Muscle
    The Bondara double kegel balls are two weighted kegel balls or geisha balls inside a body safe silicone casing. They are joined together by a very thick trip of silicone. This means that you can sterilize these kegel balls for extra cleanliness. They also feature a very sturdy retrieval loop which is very thick and sturdy. I prefer retrieval loops to balls on their own or tabs I find tabs are hard to grip especially once your hands are all lubed up.

    The Bondara Double kegel balls nicely weighted you can really feel the pull of the weight when you are using them. The retrieval cord made me feel more comfortable knowing that they were still, they were that comfy I thought they may have fallen out. I found when I tensed my kegel muscles the balls would jiggle and send vibrations through the silicone. This makes the chore of doing kegels more exciting. The strong cord was great I meant I could tense up and pull the cord and test my muscles to the max. This was done without fear of the cord breaking as it is super thick and sturdy.

    The Bondara double kegel balls where very easy to clean there are no seams or ridges for gunk to get stuck in to a regular clean-up was all it took to get them clean. I did mention earlier that they can be sterilized you can do this by soaking them in a 10% bleach solution or cold water sterilization may work great too. I would not use a microwave sterilizer or boil these as I am a little worried about the balls inside the silicone getting damaged.
    So would I recommend these? Yes they are practical sturdy and have all the great things a kegel device should have. The silicone is amazing and I love how sturdy they are. They would suit bother beginners and advanced users and should be a bedside draw essential. Look after your PC muscles ladies!
    Review by Kinky Kitten Kim
  • Highly recommend!

    I'm humbled to confess that before I picked up a pair of the Bondara Silicone Double Kegel Balls I'd never really concerned myself with kegel exercises.

    No matter your age or opinion on the strength of your pelvic floor muscles, I highly recommend you try the Bondara Silicone Double Kegel Balls; especially if you're new to the wonderful world of kegel exercises.

    Honestly, I expected to feel more of a ‘clicky-clack' sensation as I wandered around.

    I spent most of my evening sat down and am happy to report that the protruding silicone loop was in no way irritating during this time. After which I nipped upstairs to remove them and tried flexing my pelvic floor to see if it felt any stronger. I can't say I'll be lifting kettle bells with my vagina any time soon but I certainly noticed a difference from the off.

    If you're on the fence about picking up a pair of Bondara Silicone Double Kegel Balls I implore you to try them out. They're an easy to use toy, they don't require a lot of afterthought, and they yield big results in return for minimal effort.

    Rating: 8/10

    Bondara sent the Silicone Double Kegel Balls to the Pleasure Panel in exchange for a fair and honest review.

    Review by Cara Sutra's Pleasure Panel
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