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Sex Lubricant and Sex Toy Lubricant Guide

What Is A Sex Lubricant?

Sex lubricants, also known as sex "lubes", are water-based or silicone based gels, creams, or liquids that provide a slippery, smooth feeling when used during intercourse, masturbation, anal sex, and other forms of sexual activity. Lubes make the sexual experience easier and more pleasant. The most popular lubricants are the water-based ones and they are appropriate for use with most condoms and sex toys. Use water-based lubricants with silicone sex toys or sex toys made with realistic materials because a water-based lube won't cause any damage. Couples may enjoy using silicone-based lubes because they may be used in water, therefore they don't need much reapplication.. Couples also enjoy silicone-based lubricants because they aren't absorbed into the skin quite so easily. It takes more effort to clean up after using them but they are worth the effort. Sex lubricants may be warming, desensitizing for anal sex, flavoured, or scented.

How To Use A Sex Lubricant

You don't need to use a lot of lubricant to get the results you need. Squeeze out an amount about the size of a dime into the palm of your hand. Don't pour the lubricant directly onto your partner's body because you'll want to warm it up first. Rub your hands together, warming up the lube, and enjoy that smooth slide. To lube up a sex toy, rub the lubricant on your hand over the shaft and head of the sex toy to properly lubricate it. If you are masturbating apply the lubricant to your penis in the same manner. If you are a woman masturbating, slip your lubricated hands over your pussy and labia and then slide your fingers deep inside your vagina until your own natural juices provide their own sexy lubricant. If you or your sex toy dries, simply apply as much sex lubricant as you need.

Choosing A Sex Lubricant

When choosing a sex lubricant ask yourself what you want from it. Whilst giving oral pleasure do you want to taste pleasant flavours? There are lots of flavoured sex lubricants for oral sex. Do you need a thick sex lubricant because you want to have anal sex? Maybe you want to bring blood to your vagina during sex play so you need a warming sex lubricant. You would love a water-based sex lubricant if you want a natural-feeling sexual experience. If you want to use your waterproof sex toys and you need a fine lubricant that doesn't wash off easily, you need a silicone-based sex lubricant. Choose a larger sized bottle for in-home use and a purse-sized bottle for travel or to toss in your purse when on the town. Obviously there are many as many different types of sex lubricants as there are many different types of sex. Choose the right lubricant that matches your personal needs.

Below are more tips on choosing a sex toy lubricant.

Best Sex Toy Lubricants

You need good sex toys lubricant if you want to enjoy using your sex toys more. Your favourite vibrators move in and out of you much easier when you use a high quality sex toy lubricant. Before using your strap on, dildo, or vibrator slather some sex toy lubricant on it. When you're using a male masturbator rub some sex lubricant on your penis before sliding it into the sex toy. You'll love the slick sensation as you slide in and out! Use only water-based sex lubricants, especially if you are using silicone sex toys or sex toys made with those soft and realistic materials. Examples of sex toy lubricants you could add to your sex toys collection are Liquid Silk Lubricant, Maximus Lubricant, and ID Glide.

Best Sex Lubricants, Foreplay And Masturbation Lubricants

If you want your masturbation and foreplay to be more exciting and enjoyable, invest in some good sex lubricants. You'll love the heady scent as it floats around your bodies, driving you wild. Use water-based sex lubricants for masturbation and foreplay because they wash off easily. They also absorb into your skin making it feel soft and supple. Try a silicone-based sex lubricant if you are enjoying a little sexy romp into the bath, shower, or hot tub. Silicone-based lubes don't wash off easily in water. A little water or saliva revives your silicone-based lube so you don't need any more from your bottle. Conserve, conserve, conserve! Warming (stimulating) lubricants are amongst the best sex lubricants for masturbation and foreplay. These sex lubricants warm up as you blow on them and they feel silky smooth when you massage them in. A little friction from your hands and body parts also warms up this type of lube. Here are some very good sex lubricants that suit these purposes: ID Glide Lubricant, PJUR Original Bodyglide Lubricant, and Liquid Silk Lubricant.

Best Massage Lubricants

Since you don't want your massage lubricant to absorb quickly into your skin you want a lubricant with an oily texture. The luscious scent and smooth texture of a good sex lubricant used for massage is very soothing and it feels wonderful. Use your sex lubricant to massage the back, arms, buttocks, stomach, legs, and those tight muscles in the shoulders. You may warm up the sex lubricant by massaging it into the skin and then blowing on it. What a sexy feeling! Feel your muscles loosen and relax as the sex lubricant, which warms your skin, works its magic. So you want some good sex lubricants for massage? How about the following: Wet Warming Lubricant, ID Sensation Warming Lubricant, ID Pleasure Lubricant, Durex Play Massage 2-in-1 Lubricant, and PJUR Lubricants.

Best Oral Lubricants

So you want to make oral sex an even more enjoyable experience? Try delicious flavoured sex lubricants! Choose your favourite flavour. What do you like? Sweet vanilla or sensuous chocolate? How about luscious strawberri kiwi or smooth banana? Choose one or more to cater to your changing tastes! Flavoured sex lubricants add taste and pleasure to oral sex and they make the act more enjoyable. Don't like a sex lubricant with a flavour? Choose a tasteless sex lubricant and continue to enjoy oral sex. There are lots of different types of fun flavoured water-based sex lubricants to choose from. Examples include Maximus Lubricant and Flavoured ID Juicy Lube.

Best Anal Lubricants

When enjoying anal sex it can't be stressed enough that you must use an anal sex lubricant. The anus does not produce it's own natural lubricant so you have to give nature a hand. You need a high quality, thick, good sex lubricant to make anal sex a much more smooth and pleasant experience. Anal sex lubricants prevent anal damage such as tearing. Since silicone-based lubricants are thicker and you are less likely to need more after that first application, they are a very good lubricant to use for anal sex. Some people prefer no pain while enjoying anal sex so they use a desensitizing anal sex lubricant and they enjoy the anal sex experience all the more. Some examples of good anal sex lubricants are KY Jelly Lubricant, Liquid Silk Lubricant, Maximus Lubricant, Dock Johnson Anal Lube, PJUR Analyse Me, Golden Girl Anal Jelly, and ID Millennium Lubricant.







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