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Sex Doll and Blow Up Doll Guide

Sex dolls, also known as love dolls, are ideal for people wanting to imitate penetrative sex during masturbation. To a sex doll virgin, the choices on offer can be overwhelming. The prices range from around £10 to upwards of £500, with the quality and features of the doll varying as much as the cost.

As a rule of thumb, the cheaper dolls are intended as novelty gifts, so they are made of cheaper material and have very basic features. More expensive dolls are often preferred for intimate use due to their lifelike details and higher quality production.

Not limited to solo play, sex dolls are perfect if you want to simulate a threesome with your partner. A sex doll removes the anxiety of getting a third person involved and can be a stepping stone towards the real thing!

Sex dolls can be divided into two main categories: blow up and realistic. Although it's down to personal preference, blow up dolls are generally cheaper and used as novelty toys, while realistic dolls are more expensive and used for intimate play. Most dolls will have one or two penetrable holes (vagina and arse), but some models also include a mouth and large breasts to slide yourself between - lots for you to play with!

Blow Up Dolls

You've probably seen these dolls bouncing around in festival crowds or out in the clubs with stag and hen groups. The huge range of blow up dolls includes women, men, your favourite celebrities...even farm animals! While they are a popular novelty toy, blow up dolls are still functional and can be a smaller, cheaper alternative to a realistic doll.

Quality reflecting price, blow up dolls have basic features and are made of a cheaper material (usually a thin plastic or PVC). Most do not feature lifelike openings, although it is possible on some models to insert a male masturbator in the doll's hole for a more realistic and intimate experience. When you're done, simply deflate and put away for hassle-free storage - perfect if you're short on space. Blow up dolls are often favoured as a way of testing the water before indulging in a more expensive, realistic doll.

Higher quality, inflatable sex dolls are available. While they do cost more, these dolls offer the best of both worlds: brilliantly realistic detail and easy deflation when you're finished. This versatility makes them a good middle ground between the cheaper alternative and a top-of-the-range doll.

Realistic Dolls

As their name suggests, realistic dolls are designed to imitate the real thing. Often made using Fanta Flesh (a material specially formulated to feel like skin), these detailed dolls are usually more expensive than their inflatable counterparts. The bodies are moulded, sewn or sculpted and come in all shapes and sizes: torsos, bums to toes, and compact designs with a vagina between the breasts, to name just a few.

For those who enjoy being both the giver and the taker, there are also transsexual dolls. These are ideal if you want to simulate a threesome with your partner, as you can both receive pleasure. If storage space is an issue, you may prefer a smaller version as these dolls are non-inflatable.

Realistic dolls tend to have ribbed and textured tunnels for lifelike stimulation with every stroke. Some even have vibrating features for a mind-blowing sensation you can't get from a human! These higher quality, realistic dolls are more expensive but you get what you pay for: ultra-realistic stimulation that will push your masturbation to new climactic heights.


There's a doll to suit every need and preference - whether that's an investment sex toy or a novelty party gift. Browse our collection to discover your new favourite bedtime buddy!

Do you have any more questions? Have we missed something that you really want to know? Email us at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you!


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