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Prostate Massage Guide

Described as the male equivalent of the G-spot, the prostate is a super sensitive, walnut-sized gland 2 to 3 inches inside the anus. Prostate Massagers not only help with stimulating this sensitive area but there are also health benefits to be had from understanding the ‘p-spot'. Our Prostate Massage Guide is here to get you started...

Sexual Benefits

With over a third of the penis inside the body, stimulation of the prostate (or p-spot) sends moan-inducing satisfaction all the way down to your tip. Regular attention to the p-spot also promises stronger erections, intensified orgasms and increased stamina. With practice, many men report orgasms from this kind of stimulation alone and even multiple climaxes without ejaculation - an explosive pleasure no longer limited to just women!

Health Benefits

Massaging this important gland encourages fresh blood flow and helps keep your sexual health in tip-top condition. The prostate aids ejaculation and stores semen which, if not properly released, can become stagnant. The regular ‘flushing' of this sensitive gland (often known as milking) stops harmful bacteria from building up.

By paying attention to this hidden spot, you'll be more able to pick up any abnormalities which could mean early detection of prostate cancer. It has also been argued that regular prostate massaging can reduce the risk of developing illnesses such as prostatitis and can relieve symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Finding the P-Spot

Finding the P-spot isn't too difficult, but pleasuring it can take some practice. Take the time to discover what works for you; some men prefer to use their fingers while others prefer toys. The one golden rule for any anal play is to apply lube to both yourself and the toy for easy, pain-free insertion.

To reach the prostate, you should get into a relaxed position - preferably either on your back with your legs raised or bent over on all fours. Go slowly to give your body time to adjust to the new sensation. There are two main motions for prostate stimulation. The first, circular rubbing, is better for first-timers and involves moving the finger or toy in circles around the outside of the gland. If you feel comfortable, increase the pressure to receive more climax-inducing sensations. The second movement- an up and down motion- will give you more rapid, intense pleasure.

If you're concerned about cleanliness, a shower beforehand may help you relax and feel more comfortable. If you want to go a step further, an anal douche will give a more intimate cleanse. Douches are really easy to use; check out our Anal Douche Guide for more information.

Prostate Sex Toys

Like with all play, it's best to start slow and work your way up. Any toy used anally can hit your prostate, but when first starting out most men will want to try a toy specifically designed to reach this sensitive area.

If you want to experiment with prostate sex toys, the range of options can be daunting (but it just goes to show how well-loved this erogenous zone is!). There are tapered, straight, bulbous and vibrating options to choose from- all producing a subtly different sensation.

For a first toy, a simple, tapered design with a curved tip will make both insertion and finding the P-spot easier. As a general rule, it is more difficult to hit the prostate with a smaller surface but, when you do, you'll receive more intense, focussed sensations. Once you're a little more experienced you can try a thicker massager like the Rocks Off Big Boy that hits the spot and gives you an intense feeling of fullness.

Suggesting Prostate Massage to your Partner

Bringing up the idea of P-spot stimulation can be a delicate topic but, as it's one of your most sensitive spots, it deserves some attention. There are many ways to suggest the idea to your partner. During sex, ask her to rub her finger around your anus. By seeing the pleasure it gives you, she may be inclined to go in further (just be wary of long nails!). If she's hesitant, it may simply be that she'd prefer to use a toy rather than her finger.

If you both enjoy watching porn together, try showing her one which involves prostate stimulation to gauge her reaction without having to explicitly ask her. Alternatively, show her an article (such as this one!) which explains what the P-spot is, the benefits of stimulation and how it's packed with nerve endings.

You may prefer to pleasure yourself first so you can explore the sensation alone. This way, you'll also be able to help direct your partner to what feels good for you. The most important thing is to be open about what turns you on and work your way from there - you may find she's encouraged by your openness and has her own sexual desires she wants to try.

If you're in a relationship with a woman, you might also want to experiment with ‘pegging' whereby your partner wears a strap on with a small curved dildo aimed to hit your prostate.

Don't Forget The Lube!

As with anal play of any kind it's vital you're prepared, so don't forget to stock up on your favourite lubricant.

Do you have more questions? Have we missed something that you really want to know? Email us at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you!

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