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Penis Pump Guide

If you're concerned about the length of your penis, you're not alone: whether it's for personal gratification or satisfying a partner, many men look for ways to elongate their manhood.

So, if you are seeking short or long term penis enlargement then a Penis Pump could be for you - read on to discover why.

Choosing Your Penis Pump

Penis pumps come in all different variations; from air and water pumps, to hand and battery powered ones. It's entirely down to your preference and how you wish to carry it out. Penis pumping is one of the safest, most effective ways for guys to achieve a strong, hard and substantial erection.

Always check the product's additional information for measurements, that way you'll purchase one that is the perfect size for you.

Penis pumps are readily available online and in magazines, but always check whether these are safe and effective. Always buy from a reputable company, such as Bondara, to get the best quality products. If you're unsure and you're using it for medical benefits, always check with your GP whether this is the right course of action.

• Select a pump with a transparent tube - this will allow you to watch how your penis responds to the pumping action
• Consider a place where you would like to use your pump. This could be the bath, shower or even lying on your bed (use extra lubricants if so)
• Penis pumps with a pressure gauge will allow you to see how much pressure you're applying without over doing it (thus avoiding pain and harm to your manhood)

How to Use Your Penis Pump

Before beginning, ensure that you have lubricated the rim of the penis pump for ample suction and smooth release. Unless specifically designed to include your scrotum, leave your balls out of this.

1. Place the cylinder over your penis
2. Use either the hand pump or electric pump attached to the cylinder to create a vacuum inside and draw blood in to the penis - whilst this is an unusual sensation, it shouldn't hurt
3. Adjust the pressure with the small button if you're feeling uncomfortable
4. Start timing your pumping set. Beginners are recommended to wear the pump for only 15 minutes
5. Reduce the pressure every 5-10 minutes to let fresh blood flow to the penis
6. When finished, release the pressure and slowly remove the device

You should receive short term results immediately after using. However, if you're looking to make a long-term commitment you'll need to use your pump regularly. This way you'll see increases in girth and/or length over time.

It's recommended that you use your pump for no longer than 20 minutes to avoid injury or complications.

Getting the Best Results

Make sure you keep track of your progress to ensure you're seeing the results first hand. The ticket to success is to follow the use and aftercare guidelines. Try these techniques to get the most out of your pump.

1. Milking
Move your hand up and down the cylinder as you pump; the general motion of masturbation helps maintain blood circulation. It's recommended that you begin doing this about 5-10 minutes after you start. Don't apply force, keep it slow and smooth.
2. Pulsing
Using alternative pressures to promote expansion of the penile tissues is the best way to get the most out of this technique. Taking it to the highest-pressure level you're comfortable in reaching and decreasing after 1 minute will improve blood circulation and exercises the inner part of the penis.
3. Shakes
Shakes stimulate your nerve endings and encourage blood flow to help maintain the required erection. Shake the tube up and down, making a rocking motion with your hips. Avoid hard pressure for this task.
4. Wrapping
Wrapping the tube in a warm heating pad or flannel will increase blood flow to the penis. You should not leave the wrap for an extended period as it may cause burning.


Men find penis pumps beneficial for a range of different reasons. As well as delivering results in terms of appearance, they can be useful for treating erectile dysfunction. Pumps deliver short term enlargement but, with regular use, can be used for long term results.

For those who suffer with ED, this is a safer route to take as there are minimal complications compared to surgical procedures. Sufferers will reap the benefits of enhancements to both their girth and length. After regular use, the penis pump can offer increased sexual pleasure to their partner, thus making this product an investment and not a quick fix.


The only negative to penis pumps is the time and effort you'll need to put in to see results. Those who ‘pump' everyday will see more progress than those who pump 2-3 times a week.


Use the power of water to improve erections and penis size with Bathmate's range of penis pumps. Known for being the world's original hydro pump, Bathmate products are made from skin-safe materials and undergo rigorous dermatological testing.

They are, by their own standards, the best in the game and pride themselves on the results they receive from users every day. Bathmate helps to increase penis size in both girth and length. Overall they give you stronger and harder erections and even optimise your sexual health for a better experience.

All you need is a 15 minute window to ‘train'. If you're serious about penis enlargement and are willing to put the work in, the Bathmate is the ultimate tool to help you achieve your goals.

For other methods of penis enlargement, take a look at our guide. If you have a question about penis pumps, email us at [email protected]

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