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Penis Pump Guide

If you're concerned about the length of your penis, you're not alone. For more gratifying masturbation or satisfying a partner, many guys look for ways to boost their manhood.

Lucky for you, penis pumping is one of the safest, most effective ways for you to achieve stronger, harder, and larger erections. So, if you're seeking an instant enhancement or lasting enlargement, read on to discover how a Penis Pump could be the perfect tool to help you reach your goal!


Choosing Your Penis Pump

Bondara's penis pumps are available in several shapes, sizes, and functions. From manual bulb and trigger pumps to automatic vacuum pumps, advanced water pumps, and stimulating vibrating designs - You're free to make the best choice for your budget and unique preference.


Just like your cock, size matters when it comes to achieving your desired result. So, if a particular penis pump takes your fancy, always check the product specifications before purchasing to make sure you're buying the correct measurements for you. As a rule, the chamber length should spaciously accommodate your erect penis with extra headroom for those additional inches.

Safety is fundamental, so all our penis pumps feature a transparent chamber so you can visualise how your cock responds to the pumping action in real-time. Some of our pumps even include a manometer gauge that lets you measure how much pressure you're applying, so you never overdo it (thus avoiding pain or injury).

Lastly, always buy from a reputable company (such as Bondara) to guarantee your penis pump is of the highest quality for safe and effective use.


How to Use Your Penis Pump

Before you start, ensure you have liberally lubricated the rim of the pump to establish a strong suction seal and aid in smooth release. And unless specifically designed to include your scrotum - Leave your balls out of this!


1. Place the cylinder over your penis and position the seal in contact with your groin.
2. Using either the manual pump/trigger or automatic pump attached to the cylinder, create a vacuum inside the chamber to engorge the penile tissues and draw blood into the penis. Whilst this is an unusual sensation, it should not cause discomfort.
3. Adjust the pressure with the Quick Release Valve if you begin to feel uncomfortable.
4. Start timing your pumping set. We recommend beginners only use the pump for up to 15 minutes at a time so your penis can adjust to the effects.
5. Gradually reduce the pressure every 5-10 minutes to let fresh blood flow to the penis.
6. When time is up, release the pressure and slowly remove the device.
7. You should receive short term results immediately after using. However, if you're looking to make a long-term commitment, consistent, regular use will endow you with gains in girth and length over time.

Please note: we recommend that you use your pump for no longer than 20 minutes at a time to avoid injury or complications.


Achieving the Best Results

Your ticket to success lies in best practice and carefully following guidelines. So, try these techniques to get the most out of your pump:


Top tip: keep a record of your progress to track your fantastic results first-hand.

Grip the tube and gently move the cylinder up and down as you pump by a degree of 1-inch; the general motion of masturbation helps maintain blood circulation. This trick involves plenty of lube to support the suction seal, and we recommend that you begin doing this about 5-10 minutes after starting. Again, don't apply force; keep it slow, smooth and steady.

Apply alternative pressures promote the healthy expansion of the penile tissues. To get the most out of this technique, slowly increase the pressure to the highest level you find comfortable, and then after 1 minute, begin to decrease the pressure gently. The steady expansion/contraction cycle of the penile tissues boosts blood circulation and trains the inner structures of the shaft to inflate and become more robust - Just like a good workout should!

Oscillating the chamber as you pump stimulates the sensitive nerve endings of your penis to encourage blood flow and help maintain your desired erection. With plenty of lube to keep the suction seal intact, shake the tube in a wiggling motion while rocking your hips back and forth to reach your goal. Vibrating penis pumps can also be used to achieve this boner-boosting effect! But remember to avoid hard pressure or tugging for this technique, so you do not break the suction seal.

Wrapping the tube in a warm heating pad or flannel will increase blood flow to the penis via vasodilation. However, you should not leave the wrap for an extended period as it can cause burning. You can more simply and effectively achieve the same widening of the blood vessels with warm water-powered penis pumps, such as Bathmate's revolutionary HYDROMAX and HYDROEXTREME series (see below).


Pros of Pumping

Penis pumps are an investment and not just a quick fix. People find penis pumping hugely beneficial - and even pleasurable - for a vast range of different reasons. Not only do they deliver short-term enlargement and stimulation, but they can provide long-term results with regular use.


Practised in combination with herbal supplements or GP-prescribed potency medications, penis pumping can be ultra-effective. However, if pills and potions aren't your style, pumping alone will endow you with the natural results you desire.

Penis pumping is also an excellent method to naturally engorge your micropenis or treat erectile dysfunction (ED) without the need for a prescription. For those living with ED, penis pumping is a far safer treatment route with minimal complications compared to the pain of surgical procedures or side effects of medications. With regular, consistent use, those living with ED reap the benefits of enhancements to their girth and length, resulting in improved sexual performance for more gratifying masturbation and increased sexual satisfaction for their partner(s). However, you should always consult your GP first to ensure pumping is the right approach for you.

Pumping may even appeal to your kinky side when practised in conjunction with kinks such as Domination/submission, stretching fetish, medical fetishism, erotic humiliation, and chastity, to name a few. In addition, the interplay of confinement, medical role play, and penis humiliation (SPH) can expand the horizons of your BDSM scenes to extraordinary new heights! However, we strongly discourage using penis pumps to inflict harm or injury to your member - So always keep the pressure at a comfortable level and remember your safe word.


Cons of Pumping

Instant, short-term results are available to anyone who uses a penis pump after just one use! But lasting gains are only achievable to those willing to dedicate the time and consistent effort required to go the distance. Just like the gym, those who train every day will observe far more progress than someone who only commits to pumping 2-3 times a week.


Most importantly, slow and steady wins the race - So don't overdo it! 'Overpumping' may cause injury to your penis, and pain is a warning that you've gone too far in a session. You will be able to increase the pressure gradually over time as your penis adjusts to your regimen; however, never exceed your comfort level. However, if you follow our best practice guide - Your manhood is in safe hands.



Harness the power of water to improve erections and penis size with Bathmate's range of penis pumps. World-famous for their original hydro pump, Bathmate is touted as the most effective and safest penile enhancer to have ever graced the market.


Conceived, designed and engineered in the UK by an award-winning hydraulics engineer, they pride themselves on the optimised sexual health, satisfaction and powerful performance they deliver to their dedicated users.

The revolutionary hydro pump design helps increase penis size in girth, firmness and length while you're in the shower, restoring the penile tissues with oxygen-rich blood flow for both instant and long-lasting results with sustained use. All you need is a 15-minute window to train!

So, if you're serious about penis enlargement and are willing to put the work in, Bathmate is the ultimate tool to help you reach your goals.

For other methods of penis enlargement, take a look at our guide. If you have a question about penis pumps, reach out to us at [email protected].



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