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Pair Of Nipple Suckers - Purple



These fabulous purple nipple suckers deliver a realistic sensation of lips sucking on your nipple. Supplied as a pair.


These fabulous purple nipple suckers deliver a realistic sensation of lips sucking on your nipple. Supplied as a pair.


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Customer reviews for Pair Of Nipple Suckers - Purple


Received these today and wow, a lot bigger than I thought they would be, so I was slightly worried they wouldn't be any good, boy was I wrong, the suction from these is air tight. At first it was a little uncomfortable due to the suction being so strong but after a few minutes of adjusting to the pleasure it intensified. Def worth every penny xx

Review by: kittykaat

I purchased these after enjoying nipple clamps, but wanting to be able to stand to wear something for longer. Clamps can be a bit intense!
These are AMAZING!! Larger than I expected, which was good as I have very large nipples and areoles, I was easily able to wear these through a full session with my partner. He was able to pull on them quite firmly without them popping off, even to the point of pulling them up to hold the weight of my breast (I'm a 38G) They made my nipples very sensitive and I agree with other reviewers that the effect lasted quite a while. The initial squeeze of the plug can be a bit breathtaking but again, that's a good thing.
I would definitely recommend these.

Review by: InkedAngel

Didn't think these would work purchased them with other items on placing them on my partners nipples and leaving them for a while the results were outstanding her nipples trebled in size and width. As I like big nipples I could not believe the size and width that these suckers made them. I have told her to keep them in her handbag for when we go out braless of course and see the men's reactions when they see her erect nipples poking out. An outstanding piece of kit and ladies if you want to surprise your man or any man try these they are awesome for not a lot of money.

Review by:

These were part of the first order I've made for online sex toys (along with the little pink vibrating Octopus) package was discreet and arrived 48 hours after ordering. Really pleased. Now I've just placed my 3rd order with Bondara in under a month:)

I've always enjoyed gentle nipple stimulation but never used nipple toys before. So I ordered these purple nipple suckers. Couldn't wait to try them! Was slightly disappointed at first as they didn't stay on long and the feeling was underwhelming. But then I realised - lube! Once I had applied a bit of lube around the rim, it sucked me in like a good un! And the seal was really strong, flicking and tugging the suckers didn't loosen the grip and felt wonderful. But I found the best part was bringing them off my nipple then suddenly squeezing the sucker back on and repeating the movement really quickly over and over. Wow! Such a good feeling. Unfortunately for me, unlike some others have stated, my nipples didn't stay particularly sensitive for kong and soon returned to normal. But they're great during actual use and well worth the money.

Review by: Itsabitnippy


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