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How To Use An Anal Douche Guide

If you like to indulge in anal play, anal douches and enemas will most likely be a vital part of your toy box. Douches are designed to clean your anus before penetration (by a toy or penis), helping you feel fresh and confident, and are a great way to introduce beginners to the unique sensation. Our Anal Douche Guide is there to  ensure the product is used safely and comfortably.

Typically, anal douches are a flexible plastic or silicone bulb with a removable nozzle, that is filled with water and inserted a small way into the anus. Although our douches range in size, colour and the amount of liquid they can hold, we would recommend starting small if it is your first time using a douche. You can move on to the larger douches when you feel comfortable and ready

How to Use an Anal Douche

  1. Prior to first use, we would recommend giving the douche a thorough clean in warm water to ensure absolute cleanliness.
  2. To fill the douche with water you can either remove the nozzle and fill the douche this way or you can submerge the entire douche and gently squeeze the bulb to fill it. It is important to make sure the water is warm - not too hot or too cold, so as to avoid unpleasant sensations or burning. We do not recommend using soap or any other cleaning liquids with this product, we only advise the use of fresh warm water.
  3. Carefully lubricate your anus and the end of the nozzle using a personal lubricant. If this is your first time using an anal douche,  you may wish to try inserting a finger into yourself to get yourself used to the feeling of penetration.
  4. Gently insert the nozzle. You may find that sitting on the toilet or in a crouched position is easiest, as the angle allows for comfortable insertion and ensures that the whole process is hygienic and mess-free.
  5. Compress the bulb slowly to push the water into your rectum - this can be as little or as much water as you feel comfortable with. Make sure you don't release the bulb while the douche is inserted so as to avoid sucking the ‘dirty' water back into the douche.
  6. Keeping the bulb firmly squeezed, slowly remove the douche from your anus. You can retain the water for as long as you wish or for as long as it feels comfortable, until you feel the urge to naturally release. As you're sitting on the toilet already this will be a mess-free process!
  7. This process can be repeated as necessary until the water released runs clear.

Bondara's Tips

  • Always make sure you clean your anal douche thoroughly with antibacterial soap after each use.  It is important to ensure it is rinsed properly  to avoid any irritation the next time you use it.
  • If you experience any discomfort or pain during the douching process, stop immediately. Inserting the douche is easiest when a person feels completely relaxed, as their muscles are likely to be relaxed too. If you are struggling to feel relaxed, try breathing slowly and deeply in order to loosen your muscles and ease your anxiety.
  • We recommend using the douche approximately 30-45 minutes before you engage in anal play so your body has a chance to adjust and relax afterwards.
  • Your anus does not naturally lubricate, so always make sure you use an appropriate anal lubricant during penetration. Although water-based lubricants are sufficient, you may find that an anal lubricant or silicone lube is more effective. The lube may need several re-applications as the douching process will inevitably remove what is there,
  • You should not use a douche for cleaning the vagina as it will disrupt your natural PH balance and can cause infections or discomfort.  


To enhance your douching experience, you can buy shower hose attachments, which provide not only pleasurable anal play but a thorough cleaning experience. These attachments are great for both solo play or a naughty shower with your partner, and we recommend using an anal or silicone-based lubricant as these formulas last longer in water

If you have any queries regarding Anal Douches or any other products on this site please contact Customer Services: [email protected]



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