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We have created a line of love dolls that are currently going head to head in our General Erection. A torrid affair filled with dirty words, slanderous claims and lots of full frontal nudity. As with all proper elections, it's YOU that has the power. Simply tweet for the doll you'd prefer to see fully inflated and once the polling stations have gone down, we'll count up the votes and get to work on making the winning doll a reality.

Vote Conservative Cum-er-on

Grab a tissue, Conservative Cum-er-on is coming! This high class love doll promises big results in the bedroom. In fact, there is very little he wouldn't do for the right lady!


Vote For Gimme-Head Ed

With Gimme-Head Ed you'll be getting along with his policy in no time! This is a love doll for a working girl, ready to get down and dirty in the bedroom.



Vote For Liberal Nick

Say hello to Liberal Nick who is ready and waiting to make a coalition with you! This eager love doll will literally do anything and we highly doubt you'll have to worry about him coming first.


Vote Nigel Phwooarage

Introducing Nigel Phwooarge, a love doll with some strong opinions and who's full of hot air. Simmer down ladies, this old boy is always keen for a pint, a fag and a good British shag!


Vote Naughty Natalie

Naughty Natilie's ballot box is open for business, so start saving your energy now because with this saucy love doll you'll be in for a wild ride. She'll have your economy growing in no time!


Our love dolls for the Erection Election are not available for immediate purchase, but we have put together a few election inspired toys for your enjoyment while you cast your vote for your favourite doll. Finally, you can introduce a little political kinkiness into your sex life! We know...it's what you've always dreamed of but been too afraid to ask for!

The Party Whip

Are your candidates causing a fuss in the bedroom? Are the crowds getting rowdy? This riding crop may be the perfect accessory to keep those naughty political enthusiasts in line. Otherwise you may have a riot brewing in the bedroom.


Well Hung Parliament

In the event of a well hung parliament, you might have a kinky coalition on your hands. If so, make sure it's a sizable party with all the resources you need to have a good time in power. A firm pair of balls never hurt either!

The Gagging Order

Been caught in the naughty act? What's stopping you from binding up your partner in a kinky gagging order? Keep them restrained, under your control and most importantly, away from the media.


Feel the Pinch Clips

When getting down and dirty with the national debt, embrace the pinch in the bedroom with this set of nipple clamps! You know what they say; a little pinch here and there will make for a sweeter future result for all of us ;)