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G-Spot Sex Toy Guide

It's become known as one of the most intense areas of female pleasure, but how do you find your g-spot and what toys are best for stimulating it? G-Spot Vibrators and insertable toys are shaped to directly hit this internal sweet spot and boast a range of features designed to stimulate it effectively.

Your g-spot is located around 1 to 3 inches inside your vagina on the front wall. It feels slightly different to the rest of your vagina, as it's raised or bumpy in texture (although this may be slightly more or less prominent in different women). Gynaecologists and other researchers still can't definitively agree that all women actually have a g-spot, but lots of women report phenomenal orgasms from stimulating this area so it's worth looking for!

Finding Your G-Spot

The best way to hunt for your g-spot is to use your or your partner's fingers. Insert a couple of fingers inside you (with the palm facing up) and make a ‘come hither' beckoning motion. As the fingers curl, they should be able to feel this raised bumpy area inside your vagina. Don't forget it may be slightly higher or lower than expected, or even off to one side.

Does it feel good? Do you feel a bit like you need to pee? Do you think you could orgasm from prolonged stimulation of the area? If you can feel it, is the bumpy section getting gradually more swollen as it's stimulated?

If the answer to any of these is yes, you've probably found your g-spot.

G-Spot Toys

If you want to experiment even further with your g-spot and reach a mind-blowing orgasm, there are tons of toys that can help tip you over the edge and give your fingers a rest.

Any toy designed to hit the g-spot will have a pronounced curve throughout the top 1-3 inches - perfectly positioned to hit you in the right way during insertion. The key to pleasurable stimulation for many women is consistency of motion and gradually escalating speed or pressure.

Vibrators are well suited to this task as they have a range of motions and patterns that can be easily ramped up or turned down. This is particularly useful as a g-spot orgasm may take longer than you're used to with a clitoral-based climax.

The best toys will be made of a smooth material and a simple design that's comfortable during prolonged penetration, but also can be thrusted if you wish. Some women also like direct clitoral stimulation during g-spot play.

Many of our Rabbit Vibrators have a curve in the shaft sufficient for direct simultaneous stimulation of your internal and external pleasure spots.

G-Spot Orgasms and Squirting

It's been a topic of contention for years, but many women are actually able to ejaculate from extended internal stimulation. Not every g-spot orgasm results in ejaculation and you might ‘squirt' without actually orgasming OR you might not orgasm at all, but as long as you're having fun, it's all perfectly normal!

Once you've located your g-spot and are massaging it in a rhythmic motion, you should start to notice that you feel the need to pee quite a lot. Don't worry; as long as you've been to the toilet beforehand, you won't.

Sometimes the feeling will go away and lead to a mind blowing orgasm, or sometimes you'll feel the need to push out with your pelvic floor and you'll ejaculate. Maybe. Some women ejaculate or ‘squirt' really easily and some can have the same orgasm but never produce any fluid.

The important thing to remember is that although there's still discussion as to what exactly it's made of, the liquid expelled when a woman ejaculates is not urine. If you want to try to squirt though, you or your partner should stimulate your g-spot until you feel the urge to pee.

Instead of clenching your pelvic floor muscles, push them out and you might ejaculate. If you don't, don't stress. The more pressure you put on yourself to ejaculate, the less likely it is to happen. Just relax into the sensation and enjoy the stimulation.

G-Spot play can be an intense and incredibly intimate activity. It's definitely enhanced by using sex toys, so the key is to experiment and see what works for you.


If you have any questions about the g-spot or g-spot toys, please contact our Customer Services team: [email protected]


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