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Fleshlight Guide - Which Would Be Best Suited to You?

Fleshlights are the bestselling male masturbators in the world; in fact over 4 million men (and counting) around the world own one. There are a lot of different models to choose from though, so how do you find the best Fleshlight for you?

Discreet, portable and with a huge variety of different textures and realistic orifices, the Fleshlight has firmly cemented itself as the premium male masturbator. With an inner sleeve made from incredibly lifelike material Fleshlight's are the ultimate toy for fantasy-fulfilment.

Fleshlight Classic and Vibro

The original design. Popular for a reason, this top quality toy paved the way for the multitude of different models that have appeared over the years.

The realistic vagina, mouth or butt orifice can provide a ribbed or smooth, tight internal canal depending on your preference. Standing at approximately 9 inches long, the ‘Classic' will fully accommodate most sizes of manhood with ease, allowing for a realistic penetration experience. For an even more intense experience, the ‘Vibro' model has removable vibrating bullets for enhanced pleasure.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

Designed to help improve sexual stamina and prolong the time before ejaculation, the Fleshlight training unit is extremely snug with the intention of causing a faster climax. In using the stamina training unit, users essentially train themselves to last longer before ejaculating. The stamina unit is also perfect for  giving a quick release as the intense texture will get you there faster.

Fleshlight Flight/Go/Quickshot

The three most discreet and portable devices

  • The ‘Flight' is made to be discreet, compact and travel-friendly with its non-anatomical design. You won't have to worry about this looking out of place amongst your cosmetics.
  • The ‘Go' mimics its full-size counterpart, but is 17% smaller. Although lacking in size, the ‘Go' promises to delivers just as much pleasure and realistic orifices.
  • Quickshot' is much shorter in length than its standard size, giving it its portable character. With a unique double-ended design, the ‘quickshot' can be both fully penetrated and controlled by the user.

Fleshlight Girls

Moulded directly from the intimate areas of famous porn stars, Fleshlight Girls offer the ultimate in fantasy-indulgence With a great selection to to choose from, each with uniquely moulded orifices, you can pick the mould  that tickles your fancy. Some of the fleshlights  even have a unique internal mould making the experience even more individual.


Designed with the gay market in mind, Fleshjack masturbators are modelled on some of the hottest gay porn stars' intimate areas. With  realistic and high quality internal textures, Fleshjack masturbators provide an authentic penetrative experience perfect for fantasy lovers.

Sex in a Can

Showing their fun side, the ‘Sex in a Can' range is exactly what the name suggests - a realistic inside a novelty can case! A range of different racy ‘beer' designs and inner textures are available, plus the Sex in a Can is slightly smaller than the classic model making it more travel-friendly and discreet.


Choosing the Best Fleshlight for You

If you're new to Fleshlights we would recommend experimenting with our Classic model to ease you in, yet provide a realistic experience. Likewise, if you want to keep a low profile, the non-anatomical Flight model is also a great option and will ensure you remain discreet.

Similarly, if you live with room-mate or would simply prefer something more compact and tactful, the Go or Quickshot provide equally intense and realistic sensations as their full-size counterparts, but in a smaller casing, making them easier to store and manoeuvre during play.

For those of you looking for something a little more advanced, the Vibro adds another dimension of stimulation to your play with vibrating enhancements.  

If you're looking to push yourself and become a pro in bed, the Stamina Training Unit provides an intense experience designed to prolong the time before ejaculation.

Alternatively, if you simply wish to indulge a fantasy the Girls selection offers fleshlights moulded on the intimate parts of real life porn stars.

In the same way, Fleshjack masturbators cater for the gay and bisexual market and have been cast from gay porn stars for a uniquely realistic experience with a real life porn actor.

And finally, Sex In A Can is ideal for discretion and a sense of humour - it would make the perfect gift for a stag or birthday boy who is in touch with his playful side.

So shop now for Fleshlight and check out our full range.


Have we missed something? Want to see more information here? Contact [email protected] and let us know!



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