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Urethral Dilator/Sounding Rod and Penis Plug Guide

Sounding Rods, also known as Urethral Dilators have nothing to do with noise. The ‘sound’ part actually relates to the way that sailors use sound waves to measure the depth of the water below them. Long and usually made from stainless steel or high grade rubber, Sounding Rods are thin rods or tubes with a handle that are inserted down the male urethra (and even into the bladder).

They gently stretch the passage for intense sensations and are often used with the express purpose of preventing ejaculation. Penis Plugs also achieve this and are generally shorter and designed for longer periods of use.

Sounding or plugging is an incredibly powerful experience and is often practiced within BDSM or Submissive/Dominant relationships. Using urethral toys can be amazingly pleasurable.

For the best results and an introduction to Sounding, follow our tips and tricks:

Step 1

To use this type of toy you must be flaccid rather than erect when you start to allow easy passage of the rod or plug into the urethra. If you’re hard then your urethra will constrict and make the initial insertion uncomfortable. Make sure that your penis is clean and dry and your toys are sterile before you attempt to insert anything into your urethra. You can use our Bondara Sex Toy Cleaner or sterilise in boiling water as this type of toy is usually made of metal.

Step 2

Apply plenty of lube to the head of the penis, paying particular attention to the opening of the urethra. You can use a lubricant syringe to direct additional lube directly into the urethral opening if you wish. Then apply a generous portion of lubricant to the smallest size Sounding Rod you have available. 

Step 3

Hold your penis in an upright position and gently place the tip of the sounding rod into your urethral opening. It should start to slowly slide in thanks to gravity. DO NOT PUSH. Just the weight of the rod and the tiny amount of pressure from you holding it upright will make it slip down the urethra. If you come up against any resistance then stop, relax and wait for the rod to continue downwards.

Apply more lube whenever you feel you need it (don't be afraid to use a lot); our Bondara lube is perfect for the job. By just holding the rod carefully in place it will slide down the full length of the urethra and into your bladder with no need to force it. Sounding Rods will feel unusual at first but they should not hurt.

Step 4

Once you’re comfortable with the position, some men find it intensely pleasurable to move the rod in and out of the urethra slowly. You may also find light strokes up and down your penis to be pleasurable, but if anything hurts or it feels uncomfortable to get an erection you should stop, relax and slowly remove the rod.

Step 5

Once you’re finished playing, relax and gently pull the Sounding Rod out from your penis. Because Sounding Rods are often used to prevent ejaculation you will need to carefully remove the rod if you feel the need to cum. Don’t rush; this is when accidents can happen and people cause themselves injuries.

Step 6

Repeat. Once you’ve tried one size Sounding Rod, you can try the next size up. Sets like the Hegar Urethral Sounds Dilator set are great for experienced users and go right up to 18mm wide rod. Men who use them on a regular basis often report more intense orgasms even after the stretching process.

Sounding Rods are brilliant for solo play or with a partner; just make sure that if someone else is in control of the rod that you communicate throughout. The urethra is an extremely sensitive and delicate area of your anatomy and you can injure yourself if Sounding Rods are inserted too quickly or with force. Used properly, slowly and with practice they can become an intense and incredibly pleasurable part of your sex life. 


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