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Couples Sex Toys Guide

Joint pleasure is the best pleasure. Couples sex toys are perfect for foreplay and during intercourse; they'll introduce new ways to play in the bedroom or bathroom. Explore each other's bodies with our recommendation of sex toys and learn a completely new way to enjoy sex. Help one another find those elusive G-spots with our G-spot vibrators and prostate massagers. If you're looking to get in to bondage, turn up the heat with some plush silky fetish bondage gear.


Our vibrators come in many shapes, sizes and variations - from classic clit stimulating bullets, to internal g-spot vibrators. They are also available in smaller kits for those looking for different types of pulsation with each toy. Many of the couples' vibrator kits are waterproof and can be enjoyed in the bath or shower as well as the bedroom. Experimentation is the best way to figure out what you like the most. As men tend to be very visual when it comes to sex, he'll love watching you writhe beneath him as he controls your pleasure. Our vibrating cock rings will not only get him so hard, but are a great way of providing you both with intense pleasure.

Remote control vibrators are the ultimate tool for couples who like to take control and maximise the pleasure experienced without touching one another. Going long distance can take its toll on many couples - as the anticipation of their arrival builds, so does the excitement for play. For those who simply can't wait that long, there are now a range of toys couples can use that can satisfy one another regardless of distance. Whether you're two metres away or an entire ocean apart, this toy promises to connect you on a very intimate level.

Perfect for foreplay, these remote vibrators can be used to stimulate just one, or both of you together. Have her wear the vibrator whilst you relinquish control. Relish in the power of having her at your mercy by adjusting the speed and pulsation patterns. This is hugely sexy to watch and will get you both going for round two.

Enjoy these toys at home or in public - who will know that your partner is controlling your pleasure as you stroll about your day carrying out errands. So much excitement and oh, such a thrill, at just a finger click away!

These are the ultimate sex toys for couples that enjoy excitement and a thrill, both in private and in public.

Sensual Massage

Massaging is a well-known method of foreplay that most of us will have tried at some point. But do we really know about them? We're here to tie up a few loose ends that'll have you going for much longer.

Massage oils are a must - avoid body lotion as it absorbs very quickly and will interrupt the momentum of your massage. Oil based solutions are best as they'll provide a good consistency and wont ruin sheets, towels or clothes.

Speaking of oils, be sure not to squirt the oil directly on to your partner's body. It may look sexy, but it's definitely not. Squirt the oil in to your hands and rub together to warm the oil up before applying to your partner's body.

Be sure to slow everything down. So many people rush through massages - give the muscles time to warm up by stroking them softly all over, before applying more pressure. Which brings us on to the topic of thumbs. Avoid tiring your hands out and only use your thumbs for the fabulous finale. Start with an open hand technique with strokes up and down the body. After about 10 minutes of open hand, begin with the thumbs teasing out all the knots.

Cock Rings

Typically, cock rings are made from jelly or metal, but we are finding a new range of vibrating cock rings on the market. The general use of a cock ring is to retain blood in the shaft of the penis allowing everything to feel twice as sensitive.

Plain or vibrating? Either can provide ultimate pleasure. A plain ring will create enough pressure on the penis to give you an earth shatteringly good orgasm. However, the vibrating cock rings come with bullets attached or built in. This is added pleasure for both the man and the woman as the external bullet is great for clitoral stimulation.

Cock rings tend to be made from stretchy materials that are comfortable to wear and perform in, which tend to fit the majority of penises. If you're looking to buy a firmer cock ring, it may be wise to measure the girth of your manhood to allow ample room and less squeeze.


Couples who are looking to begin in this field need to understand that the use of restraints isn't just having sex tied down, but about trust and experimentation. The best way to start is to use the basic restraint materials - blindfolds, handcuffs and silk ties.

There are many different ways to use handcuffs in the bedroom. Typically we envisage our partner restrained by handcuffs that are threaded through the headboard of a bed, which is the perfect position for teasing your partner with temperature alternating materials, such as an ice cube or hot candle wax.

To add a little more intensity to the experience how about adding an extra set to the ankles and thread them through the bed frame. Completely immobile, your partner will be entirely at your mercy.

Bed restraints are perfect for this type of play! Often lightly padded for extra comfort, these are unlikely to break and are thicker and heavier to avoid cutting off circulation. They stay in place with buckles or Velcro, are easy to adjust and can be removed quickly.

These can simply attach to each corner of your bed, allowing you to explore every inch of your partner's body. Perfect for someone who is looking to tantalise the senses with a little foreplay before jumping to the main event.

These can be used on both men and women - being tied up and teased appeals to men just as much as it does to women. Cover his eyes with a soft blindfold, restrain his ankles and wrists so he's not tempted to touch you. His nipples, balls and cock are yours to play with. Slip a cock ring on him, massage him with some sensual oils and bring out your little box of tricks.

Use your imagination - men are usually stimulated by visual aspects of sex, so feel free to talk him through what you're doing to him so that he gets the best of both worlds.

Switch places and have him affectionately restrain you, either on your back or front, spread across the bed. This is his chance to use these toys to the best of their ability. The clitoral vibrator can be used to run over her nipples and clitoris, to really knock her socks off. Seventh Heaven is the term most people use when playtime is over.

Open the doors to a world of sexual enjoyment for you both. Try something new and experience couples sex toys like never before. The sky is the limit and you won't be sorry.

Got a question about couple's sex toys? Email us at [email protected] - we'd love to hear from you! 


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