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Clitoral Stimulation Guide

Clitoral stimulation is a vital part of female pleasure and is the easiest way for most women to reach orgasm. For this reason, toys designed to target the sensitive hot-spot are a big hit; the repetitive and powerful motion of vibrators being the most effective and reliable way to encourage climax.

With such a high demand, you're spoilt for choice when it comes to clitoral stimulators! To make your decision easier, we've broken them down into those suited for masturbation and those that can be used with a partner.


Small, discreet and powerful, bullet vibrators are perfect for a quick release. Designed for efficiency, bullets have limited vibration settings and minimal features, but will still take you to climax. These pocket-sized vibes can also be a great way of introducing sex toys with your partner; hold it against your clitoris during penetrative sex for unobtrusive stimulation.


Massage Wands
Capable of delivering soft and gentle arousal to hard, climatic vibrations, massage wands are perfect for any part of the body - be that clitoral stimulation or massage pleasure. Hit those hard-to-reach spots with ease as their flexible necks curve to the shape of your body. Available in a variety of sizes and as battery powered or mains operated, these are perfect for use at home or on the go!

One of the best known sex toys for women, rabbits are an indispensable and essential part of female pleasure. Available with multi-speed and pulsation settings, the rabbit ears tease and please the clit while the shaft delivers incredible, internal stimulation. Stepping away from the trademark rabbit shape, some are opting for sleeker styles (but don't worry, they don't compromise on pleasure!). For more in-depth information, take a look at our guide on rabbit dildos.

Butterfly Vibrators
Sitting on or against your clit, butterfly vibrators promise targeted stimulation. Fitting to your body through self-adhesive pads, strap-on harnesses or suction cups, your hands are left free to focus on other erogenous spots. Designed with you in mind, these toys are often available with remote controls and sometimes even penetrative shafts for simultaneous, internal pleasure. While their name suggests they're always in a butterfly form, this isn't always the case - but whichever shape or animal they're modelled on, the concept remains the same.

Oral Sex Simulators
For those craving the sensation of oral sex during their solo play, these toys deliver targeted clitoral stimulation and are available in two main styles. As their name suggests, suckers work by bringing blood to the surface of your clit. Aroused and extra sensitive, this type of toy is often combined with vibrating features, and will make every touch far more intense. Alternatively, tongue-style stimulators give swirling flicks and licks that promise to feel like the real thing. There's certainly no reason to miss out on the fun of oral!


With a Partner

Cock Rings
Despite primarily being a men's toy, many cock rings are designed with clitoral stimulators for joint pleasure. Unintimidating and user-friendly, the clitoral stimulator is often in the form of a bumper (a bar that runs along the top of the ring) or rabbit ears. Powered by a miniature bullet, the two of you will delight in the tingling vibrations. Worn at the base of the penis, he'll experience stronger and longer-lasting erections, so both of you will reap the benefits! If your interest has been piqued, read our guide for more.


Cock Sleeves
Some cock sleeves are available with rabbit-style, clitoral stimulators. Not all sleeves have this tantalising feature, so make sure you check before you buy! Many feature nodules and textures for internal stimulation, for twice the pleasure. Similarly to rings, a sleeve will deliver harder, prolonged erections for him, providing more pleasure for both of you.

Couple's Vibrators
More expensive than standard vibrators but definitely worth the extra spend, these vibrators are specially designed for couple use. Following the shape of a ‘C', one end internally rests against her G-spot while the other presses against her clitoris. This unique shape gives a secure fit and targets her most sensitive spots, while leaving him room to penetrate and also receive the vibrating stimulation.

If you're interested in exploring more toys with your partner, take a look at our guide on couple's sex toys.

If you have any more questions about clitoral stimulation and the best toy for you, we'd love to hear from you! Email our customer service team at [email protected]


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