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Naomi Realistic Sex Doll

  • £999.99 £1499.99
Naomi Realistic Sex Doll

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•  She may look sweet as pie, but Naomi isn’t as innocent as she seems… 

•  Her big breasts, tiny waist and bright blonde hair catch the eye of any passer-by  

•  Despite the attention she receives, Naomi always remains devoted to her man

•  Satisfy her kinky side in the bedroom with her soft vagina, tight anus and welcoming mouth 

•  Her fully posable body lets you dress her up or leave her incredibly lifelike, TPE skin on show

•  Available to meet you immediately

DELIVERY POLICY: Due to the size and weight of this product, it will be sent via DPD freight service from UK stock. At the moment we can only offer UK Delivery for this item.

With her peroxide blonde hair, buxom body and striking looks, Naomi catches the attention of any man that sees her – and she knows it. A woman that’s aware of her beauty, Naomi likes to make the most of her looks in the skimpiest outfits. But don’t be mistaken; while this confident, blue-eyed babe likes to show off her curves, she’s fiercely loyal to her man and enjoys demonstrating her devotion in the bedroom…

Standing at a petite five foot, Naomi weighs four stone nine lbs and takes pride in looking good; evidential in her toned figure, manicured nails and hairless body. Caress her incredibly lifelike, TPE skin as you cuddle up under the sheets or get cosy on the sofa. In the bedroom, it’s a land of milk and honey as her warm vagina, tight anus and soft lips provide the perfect place for you to increase your intimacy. Don’t be afraid to get a little rough; Naomi may look sweet, but we guarantee she has a kinky side. 

It’s clear that Naomi is beautiful and will look amazing in any outfit. However, this girl isn’t shy and loves to wear revealing clothes. Dress her in daring designs that match her fiery personality; her fully posable, internal metal skeleton makes it easy to manoeuvre her slender limbs and is guaranteed for one year.

Whether you’re sharing a romantic meal, watching a film or spending long Sunday mornings in bed, Naomi is happiest when she’s sitting or lying down. If she is standing, please make sure she has something (or someone!) to lean on as she isn’t self-supported. 

Treat Naomi like the princess she is by making sure you’re at home to greet her when she arrives. She won’t be left with a neighbour and certainly won’t be left outside to wait for you. 

Keep her looking and feeling her best with her replacement vagina, spare set of nails and a pair of gorgeous green eyes.  

Just like real life, the Bondara Babes may have a few minor imperfections, but this is what makes them all unique.

Care Guidelines:

A complete Cleaning and Care Guide will be included with your sex doll purchase.

Bondara Babe sex dolls can stand although it is not recommended that they do so for prolonged periods of time.

Do not submerge the doll in water.

We recommend that you use your doll with a condom and clean the orifice after every use with Bondara Essentials Toy Cleaner. The entire doll should be cleaned every two-four weeks.

We have found that any light blemishes or marks to the outer TPE skin can be cleaned using Simple Make Up Cleansing Oil. Apply it to the area, rub into the TPE and allow to dry. Then, apply a dusting of Johnson's Baby Powder to restore the skin's softness. Both of these products are available from most large retailers.

After cleaning, please make sure that the doll and all openings are thoroughly dried with an absorbent, white paper towel.

Dark, non-colourfast colours may transfer onto the TPE skin. Therefore, we do not recommend dressing the doll in medium or dark colours. Please ensure that clothing items are colourfast and washed several times before use.

As TPE contains oil, please take care to avoid oil marks being transferred onto other items.

If using a warming stick, please ensure it is not left in the doll for too long as this can damage the TPE.


DELIVERY POLICY: Due to the size and weight of this product, it will be sent via a UK courier service from UK stock. At the moment, we can only offer mainland UK delivery for this item.

RETURNS POLICY: A 20% restocking fee will be charged for any returned doll. If a doll has been used in any way or cannot be repackaged, a refund will not be given. We advise customers to read our full returns policy.

Colour Light Tone with Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes
Material TPE with a Metal Posable Skeleton
Features Standing Feet, Pink French Polish Finger Nails, Toe Nails and 1 Wig. No Pubic Hair
Extras A Pair of Green Eyes, Extra Set of Finger Nails and Replacement Vagina. Clothing and Accessories not included, comes with maintenance kit. 
Height 5 foot
Width at Shoulder 13 Inches
Leg Length 31 Inches
Waist 21.6 Inches
Hip 32 Inches 
Weight 4 stone 9lbs
Bust Size D Cup
Vagina Length 6.3 Inches 
Anal Length 5.5 Inches
Mouth Depth 4.7 inches
Maintenance Kit Contains 1 x comb, pair of gloves, 1 x douche, 1 x white lingerie set

DELIVERY POLICY: Due to the size and weight of this product, it will be sent via DPD freight service from UK stock. Orders received and processed before 4pm (Mon - Fri) will be shipped the same day on a next working day service. Orders placed after 4pm will be shipped the next working day.

DPD will contact you directly via SMS / Email to arrange a delivery window.

At the moment we can only offer UK Delivery for this item.


Should the delivery address not be on the ground floor, we advise that you contact our Customer Service Department prior to ordering, to discuss delivery.


Customer reviews for Naomi Realistic Sex Doll

  • Wow..
    Naomi arrived this morning, really fast delivery (just over 1 day) considering I'm off-shore UK.

    After unpacking her and getting her sorted and in her fishnet catsuit I'm just amazed at truly lifelike this doll is. From its curvy body, to its feet, it's the ultimate doll for company and/or a little more!

    If you are sitting there like me, pondering and pondering, "should I buy this?" "What is it like?" and have nothing to go by consider the following:

    1: Naomi is heavy. Mostly due to her massive bust and a quite a rear packing some dough! Be sure you can move her around, as she's around 5 stone.

    2: Space. Do you have space for Naomi? She's going to need it and also to take good care of her. Just like a girlfriend, she needs proper attention and a place to stay and call home.

    3: Her body and skin is very life like and soft. Her rear is very doughy (it jiggles!) and her massive bust is more than a handful. She can be posed almost in any position you want her in.

    4: Her intimate parts are very realistic, and equally as tight. Hairless.

    So is Naomi really worth her pricetag? Yes she damn well is, trust me. Stop sitting there pondering, DO IT and get her in your bed or sofa.

    You won't regret it, and I certainly don't!

    Naomi and I will have lots of fun!
    Review by Mr B
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