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Thorough Examination- Toy With Me Tuesday

Week 4 of Toy With Me Tuesday. ‘Thorough Examination’

A simple shot this week. We had a few of the heavy metal items to shoot for the site and our photographer spied the first aid box over in the corner… It was a bit tricky to avoid obvious reflections but I think he managed just fine.

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Toy with me Tuesday

5 thoughts on “Thorough Examination- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. Eeeep super scary, what a great pik. I love cold steel on my skin its a huge turn on for me.
    You wouldn’t notice these items at all if you didn’t know what they were, brilliant idea and pik.

  2. Wow – what a selection of items. And a great photo!

    Can I volunteer for an examination? 😉

  3. The positioning of the ‘devices’ within this photo is perfect. I love how the bandages act as a background and really make the steel items shine. I must be my hands on a speculum at some point too!

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