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Make My Lips Tingle- Toy With Me Tuesday

After thoroughly enjoying ourselves (and all your lovely comments) last week, we couldn’t not take part in the 3rd Toy With Me Tuesday.

This photo was the result of us playing in the photography studio yesterday afternoon with some of the more discreet vibrators we have in stock. Name that toy!

Check out the rest of this week’s entries over at Nymphomaniac Ness’ fab blog.

Toy with me Tuesday

10 thoughts on “Make My Lips Tingle- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. Great photograph! I nearly said it was the Max Factor Lipstick Vibe but I think it’s the Rocks Off RO-100mm Soft Tip Bullet Vibrator

  2. Brilliant photo!

    I love how you’ve added colour to make it look like your applying lipstick. Genius 🙂

  3. Love the colour splash effect! It looks fantastic. And the tip of that vibe looks awesome too, even though I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t get on with that particular vibe myself!

  4. Fab photo and use of colour. I have the 140mm one, great vibes if you like bullets and the like, Not my ideal, but really nicely done.

  5. Wonderful. I certainly would be fooled by this type of vibrator…but at least you know you wouldn’t have to be nervous carrying this around in your bag.

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