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Butt Plug Lamp- Toy With Me Tuesday

We’ve been following blogger The Nymphomaniac for some time now and she’s come up with a fantastic weekly event where sex toy reviewers, bloggers, retailers etc can celebrate their love for sex toys with some beautiful photography.

So, this is our first ever foray into Toy With Me Tuesday. Our photographer has been having fun taking product shots of various glass dildos we stock and he particularly loved the final shots of this butt plug that came out looking a bit like a lamp!

If you want to take part, use the #toywithmetuesday hastag on Twitter and follow The Nymphomaniac’s blog here.

Toy with me Tuesday

8 thoughts on “Butt Plug Lamp- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. I love the kind of retro look and colouring. I was kind of wondering what I would be confronted with when I clicked on the link.


  2. Fantastic photo!

    I need to use my lava lamp again now after looking at this. Such a fantastic shot. I tried to capture the light in a glass plug for my entry this week but didn’t manage anything quite like this. Superb 🙂

  3. Thank you for all the lovely comments. This image really stood out from the more traditional product shots our photographer was doing that day. Sometimes I forget quite how beautiful some of the glass products can be!

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