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Splash- Toy With Me Tuesday

‘Splash’ – Toy With Me Tuesday #12.

We’ve been wanting to do something with water for ages now and our photographer put together this stunning splash shot with one of our waterproof rabbit vibrators.

Bondara Photographer says:

“Although this was shot at a fast-ish shutter speed, the splash was actually frozen with the flash. I simply filled a box with water and dropped a waterproof rabbit vibrator from a height into the box- resulting in the wave of water you see above. 

Really simple to achieve but looks great.”

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Toy with me Tuesday

9 thoughts on “Splash- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. Amazing capture and I love water shots as its so hard to get that perfect shot. You have nailed another gorgeous pik!. The bright pink colouration is a gorgeous contrast too.

  2. Love the technique you used. I’m not sure if my camera would be up to it, but I think I may try to fiddle around with it. It’s a great look.

    1. Actually nothing too special this time. We didn’t even have the main studio lights on- we’ve got a lot of natural light in there normally so this was just shot with a regular hot-shoe mounted flash.

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