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Sextropolis- Toy With Me Tuesday

Toy With Me Tuesday time. Inspired by some of our more striking dildos (Groovy George and The Corn in particular!) and the 1927 sci-fi classic Metropolis our photographer went to town (sorry, pun not intended) and created our very own city of sex toys.

For his usual handy photography tips, see below the image and check out who else is taking part in Toy With Me Tuesday.


Bondara Photographer says:

“The concept behind this image was to make a city scene using sex toys. Firstly I had to get a selection of toys and stand them upright like buildings. I did this in the office window to get a real backdrop for the city. I then set up a tripod which is necessary for HDR photography.  HDR photography is the combination of pictures ranging from under exposed to over exposed. For this image I used 12 images starting at 1/80 sec which doesn’t let in enough light all the way up to 2.5 sec that lets in too much. That way when the images are combined you get the best possible exposure on every single aspect of the shot making it look rich and full. 

Those images are then composited by Adobe Photoshop CS5 HDR process and the way it which those 12 images interact between each other can be controlled by various sliders to help choose the final effect. I then de-saturated the picture. Then saving this image as a .jpeg and re-opening this image into a simple free picture editing program that can be added to the chrome web browser called PIXLR express you can add various effects, I chose to make mine look older. Simple!”


You can also check out the gallery below for the versions of the desktop wallpaper we’re now all sporting in the office! Feel free to download and use. x






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10 thoughts on “Sextropolis- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. Sensational photo, as always.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to explain how you took (and edited) them, too. I enjoy reading about them as much as I enjoy looking at the photos. It’s really appreciated 🙂

  2. I love HDR photography and photoshop CS5 is incredible something everyone needs if they love editing piks.
    I had the first ever photoshop so Im showing my age now…eeep and have gradually had each one, but the HDR setting on 5 is incredible and you have absolutely nailed this image its gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful work… I usually use for all of my photos and projects. It’s kind of like Photoshop, only it’s free.

  4. I always learn so much from both your photos and the information you write about them. As always, another excellent TWMT post!

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