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Pris- Toy With Me Tuesday

We’ve combined a range of techniques and themes for this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday. Inspired by a movie poster that combines old world/sci fi tech/oriental chic this is a macro shot of the teeny tiny China Brush bottle.

There’s a big hint in the title, but who can tell us what film’s aesthetic we were inspired by this week?















Bondara Photographer says:

 “This is a macro shot of the China Brush bottle taken at the closest range I could get the lens to the actual product. I used as low an f-stop number as I could get away with (5.6 on this occasion) in order to keep a decent depth of field and make the writing on the bottle stand out. 

Lighting was a mixture of studio lighting and pink LEDs but these were simply chosen because they gave the best effect. Some post-processing was done in Photoshop to age the image.”

We also shot a scale photo so you can see just how teeny the China Brush bottle actually is and how close our photographer needed to get to achieve all this detail!

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6 thoughts on “Pris- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Cocks spurting early off the shoulders of lovers. I watched cum-trails glitter in the dark near their target. All those moments will be lost with China Brush, like tears in rain. Time to fuck…

  2. This is great, the bottle is so cute yet so powerful! We love the purple hues in the first image too 🙂

    Stace and Vi @ AdultoysUK

  3. Can I name the book the film was based on so as not to give it a way…? “Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?” An absolute classic by Phil K. Dick and I love the movie as well.

    Aside from all that, fantastic photo! I really need to buy myself a macro lens for shots such as these.

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