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Lighter Than Air- Toy With Me Tuesday

As sex toy technology advances have you noticed that luxury vibrators are getting lighter and lighter? Hence the inspiration for this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday: ‘Lighter Than Air’.

Encouraged by the spaceship-like shape of the Lelo Alia our photographer set about creating an out of this world (sorry!) image of the Alia hovering. Check below the image for his explanation of how to achieve a similar shot.


“For this image, the concept was to create a floating toy. Although there are many ways to do this that vary in complexity, I wanted to achieve an image that looks incredibly effective but is actually quite simple to do.

1. First of all, you’ll need a tripod or a sturdy surface to place your camera that guarantees that the shot won’t change between pictures. You’re aiming to take two final photos for this effect. Set up your background however you like- for this shot I used a strip of pink LEDs to give an interesting reflection on the Alia and some bright contrast.

2. Set up your toy so it’s sat on top of an object that doesn’t cover the base of the toy or obstruct it in any way. I used a sellotape dispenser turned on its side. Once you’re happy with the composition make sure that the product itself is in sharp focus and take your image. For this image I found it much more effective to focus manually. 

3. I then took the Alia and the tape dispenser out of the shot, being careful to not touch the background or the camera. Using exactly the same settings take another shot of the background. Always remember to turn autofocus off otherwise your camera will try and adjust your settings. 

4. Then load these two images into your preferred picture editor. I use Photoshop but many other imaging programs are suitable for this. Put the picture with the toy as the top layer, with the background shot as the background layer. Then using a Layer Mask paint over the item you used to prop up the toy- in this case the sellotape dispenser. By painting over this item you then reveal the bottom layer (which is blank) and makes the toy look like it’s hovering. 

If there are any gaps in your background where you’ve cut out the tape dispenser use cut out sections of the background to ‘fill the gaps’. 

5. The final touch was to create a shadow under the toy which I did by creating a black orb shape of a similar shape and size to the toy, applied Gaussian Blur and an appropriate amount of transparency then moved it below the toy itself.

Although this might seem like a lot to do, the technique itself is very simple once you start playing with the images and as you can see looks incredibly realistic.”

Behind the scenes of this week’s shot:

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