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Invert- Toy With Me Tuesday

We settled on the title this week not only as this image is literally inverted from the one produced in-camera but also because our copywriter is a huge etymology nerd (hi!) and has often been fascinated with the changes that words go through over time.

Once used as a term for describing gay and lesbian men and women, Inversion (he, she was referred to as an invert) was used by sexologists in the late 19th and 20th century and given literary exposure in Radclyffe Hall’s 1928 lesbian novel The Well Of Loneliness. 

These days the term has fallen out of favour- rightly so- this implication of ‘reversed’ positions is far too limited and sits ill at ease with our increasingly broad-minded society. Anyway…lest we debate the origins of words forever more; this week’s image of the Zeus Glass Dildo:

Bondara Photographer says:

“This is an inverted image that reverses the colour spectrum of the in-camera shot. The important thing to remember when attempting a shot like this is that you shoot the item in as sharp a relief as possible. So I used all of the bright white studio lights we had available to ensure that the whites were extremely white and the blacks extremely dark. Therefore, when I inverted the image in photoshop, the dark black portions of the image appear to glow in the dark. You can adjust the colour balance here to create the effect you’re going for. All editing was done in Photoshop.”

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Toy with me Tuesday

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