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Got Balls?

As you loved all the photo tips from a couple of weeks ago our photographer has kindly written down the technical aspects of this shot should you want to create something similar to this week’s Toy With Me Tuesday entry:


This was a lot of fun to create (even if it did take a long time to clear up!) and a really simple concept that has worked really nicely. With the focus on the ben wa/love balls I dropped 200 miniature plastic beads of all different colours in front of the lens and pressed the shutter.

This photo utilises a technique called motion freezing, where quite simply you use fast shutter speeds and lots of light to freeze a moment- often where a lot is happening in-frame. The picture was shot at f5.6 for a small depth of field that blurs the beads closer to the camera in favour of a sharp image of the ben wa balls. The exposure time for this shot was incredibly fast (1/4000th of a second) and with a high ISO setting (6400) to make sure that the photo was correctly exposed even in such a tiny space of time. The key thing with this sort of shot with a fast shutter is to use as much light as possible. Many of the photographers at the Olympics will have their cameras set to similar speeds in order to capture the action. 

Tips-wise, if you have more light available then you can lower the ISO setting and the shutter speed can be slowed down to give more of an impression of motion if you want it. Obviously the f-stop can be adjusted depending on what depth of field you’d like.


Also, we loved that if you look closely at the reflection in the Silver Ben Wa Balls you can see exactly how much fun he’s having with all those beads!

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7 thoughts on “Got Balls?”

  1. Being a photographer I love to see more people play with shutter speeds, you can get some stunning effects and you’ve nailed this. So many people forget you can alter settings.
    This is gorgeous love it!!

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