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Dildo Disco- Toy With Me Tuesday

It’s week 10 of Toy With Me Tuesday and this week the weather has forced us to stay inside and create a dildo disco. As you do. The toy is Groovey George the electro-sex dildo (for any of you worried that we might be showing undue favouritism towards George as he also featured in ‘Sextropolis’, get your hands on him and find out why!)



Bondara Photographer says:

“This piece focused on the highlights and reflectiveness of the electrosex dildo.

To accentuate this I scattered small mirrored pieces (like you’d get on a disco ball) around the electosex dildo and directly into the angles of the lights to create bright reflections.

In keeping with the electro and disco feel when applying Photoshop the picture was made a bright shade of electric pink with wavy lines to represent the electric nature of this toy.”



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9 thoughts on “Dildo Disco- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. Ohhh what a stunning shot as always guys, I love the pink light and reflections; I personally always find metallic toys a pain to photograph, you have inspired me now.

  2. Rely like this, love the colour and the explanation. Electro toys are great and this picture shows just how normal looking they rely are but just come with that little bite, well more like an erotic nibble.

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