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Creamy- Toy With Me Tuesday

We’re just going to leave this here and let your imaginations take care of the rest. A very interesting photoshoot and probably one of the messiest days we’ve ever had.

Happy Tuesday everyone.















Toy with me Tuesday


9 thoughts on “Creamy- Toy With Me Tuesday”

  1. I adore this shot, you always manage to nail the images every week, I know how difficult getting fast shutter speed liquid shots are. This is gorgeous and very erotic! 😉

    MidnightB xxx

    Ps some reason I cant post as my own name, I cant change it???

    1. We use Disqus for our comments- I’m guessing if you’ve signed up with them using that email address before that’s why? Try to sign in on the Disqus website and you should be able to change your name…hopefully :). Thank you for such a lovely comment btw x

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