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Spotlight: Tom of Finland

This luxury brand of ‘Pleasure Tools’ takes hyper masculine style to a new and exciting level.

The Tom of Finland brand was built in the 1950s through the unique artistic style of Touko Laaksonen; a graphic artist who created vivid and bold erotic artwork depicting gay men as lumberjacks, leathermen, sailors, soldiers, cowboys and cops as iconic symbols of homoerotic desire.


Not only is this artwork beloved in the gay community, but is has helped to redefine the way the gay community was perceived. In times of controversy, this artwork provided a creative and hyper masculine impression that was a powerful tool for promoting healthier and more tolerant attitudes.

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Now this brand has moved forward and using the instantly recognisable traits of its beginnings, has developed a selection of luxurious male sex toys and accessories.

We are proud to offer a selection of these opulent items starting with this heavy set of nipple weights.



These sleek black Nipple Barrel Clamps allow for extreme nipple play and will gorgeously tease and tug on your sensitive nipples, enhancing your stimulation during all manner of kinky play.

These clamps are made with black brushed steel and feature a twist operated tightening system so you can achieve the ideal pressure at all times.

AR70-pSpot 500x500

Next is the P-Spot Vibrator made of sumptuously soft pure black silicone and has been shaped and tapered to expertly massage your inner p-spot.

The powerful vibrations will only add to this effect by increasing stimulation and blood flow over this hidden bundle of nerve endings.


Then we come to this pair of Heavy Anal Balls made of soft and pliable silicone for that velvet finish. These hefty balls have a circumference of 7 inches each and a heavy steel internal weight making them an extreme anal toy; testing your strength and pushing the limits of your anal capacity.


Lastly but certainly not least, we have the Fisting Cream; a thick, creamy and slippery formula that will make any hardcore play that much more stimulating.

Not only will this fisting cream keep you well lubricated so you can achieve the best stimulation possible, but it will slightly desensitise for when you are pushing the limits in the bedroom.

All bound in beautifully detailed and high quality packaging, this brand based on artwork will deliver a sensual work of art to the bedroom.

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