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The Wartenberg Five Head Pinwheel

This metal roller can be intimidating at first glance but despite the prickly exterior, The Wartenberg Five Head Pinwheel can be used to dish out both harsh and gentle stimulations.


With five spiked rollers at the head that each move individually, this metal accessory is made to be rolled over the skin to create the sensation of slight prickles that will wake up those nerve endings and give your body a boost in responsiveness.

To start out with I would recommend rolling the wheel over your partner’s skin with no pressure applied. Simply let the wheel use its own weight to push the pins over the skin.


This act alone is usually enough pressure to satisfy and delight, but if you are looking for something a little more hardcore, then try adding a slight pressure to the pinwheel as you roll it, being mindful at all times of your partner’s responses.

This fetish accessory is certainly not for the faint hearted, but once you’ve felt the tingles running down your spine or gently up your inner thigh, this once intimidating toy will transform into your new kinky best friend.


To add a new dimension to your play, dip the head of this pin wheel into some water or cool water for a minute or two before use. The silver steel of the Wartenberg will take on the temperature, adding a whole new element of sensation to your experience.

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