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The Bondara Collection

The Bondara Collection is a small but growing range of sex toys that covers the basics when it comes to vibrations. This range uses luxurious materials, thoughtful designs and powerful vibrations to bring you a range of the fine tuned classics at affordable prices.WholeBondaraCollectionPetals - Copy

First in our range is the Bondara Rabbit. This buzzing bunny should be a staple in your sex toy collection, and we believe our rabbit will do more than stand out in a crowd.

Like all the toys in this range, our Bondara Rabbit boasts a skin-safe, luxury silicone which provides a velvet like finish that will feel soft to the touch and glide perfectly across your skin.

This rabbit has been chosen for our Bondara Collection for its rounded shapes that are made to work with the body’s contours to achieve incredible stimulation. The shaft is slightly bulbous in the head and is softly tapered for easy insertion. The smaller clitoral stimulator or ‘bunny ears’ are there to pleasure the clit by sending incredible vibrations into the skin and gently massaging the area as you move the toy during use.

The rounded handle features two buttons, one to turn the vibrations on/off and the other to skip through the vibrating speeds and pulsating patterns. Under these buttons lives a LED light that will glow and flash in time with the vibrations to indicate which setting you are enjoying.

So you can enjoy our Bondara Rabbit for longer, this toy is rechargeable. The charging point is hidden under a discreet tab on the end of the handle so you can charge this beauty up and never run out of steam.

ThreeBondaraToysOur Bondara G-Spot Vibrator is the sister to our rabbit vibe, identical in every way but one.

The shaft of our g-spot massager lacks the bunny ears but instead features a subtle curve in the tip that is intended to provide precise inner g-spot pleasure during use. The female g-spot has the potential for incredible pleasure and it is with our luxury g-spot massager that you can achieve precise stimulation.

Our smaller but just as powerful Bondara Massager makes for a discreet addition to our collection and offers the same premium silicone feel with seven powerful vibrating settings. This rounded and smooth massager is perfect for both men and women as it can be worked over the skin to achieving incredible stimulation and massage, giving your foreplay a little extra va va voom.

The Bondara Rabbit Clitoral Stimulator is our more discreet addition to this range, with two smooth silicone bunny ears and a rounded pink body. This toy will slip into your bedside drawer and will be within reach for those moments when a little extra stroke of pleasure is all you need.

Included within this range are our two Bondara Luxury toys, a Rabbit Vibrator and a G-spot Massager. These toys not only embody the sleek and smooth design of a luxury toy, but the contours and curves are made to feel sumptuous against the skin and perfectly massage your body to build up stimulation.

The handles of these two luxurious beauties ate rounded and chrome for that extra sleek and stylish look, making them easy to use and manipulate during use. These simple features will affect your overall experience when using these toys, elevating your stimulation to a higher level and providing a smoother and much more erotic feel.

234 - CopyThe final component to our gorgeous Bondara Collection is the Bondara Heavenly Textured Vibrating Masturbator.

This buzzing male toy features a deep chamber that will vibrate around your member and send those vibes into the silicone nodules within the toy to softly stroke and stimulate your skin with every movement. Like the other items in this range, our masturbator is smooth, silicone and made with a sleek design to fit beautifully into your current collection.

With seven heavenly vibrating patterns and speeds to offer, this toy is a popular male vibrator that will allow you to experience masturbation unlike ever before.

Our full Bondara Collection of vibrating sex toys is available to view here.

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