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Tease Sexy Board Game For Couples & Groups

Not a game for the shy at heart; Tease is a brilliant new sexy board game for couples and groups who know each other well. And we do mean well. 

Classic board game style, the aim is for the 2-6 players to move around the 50’s pinup inspired board doing a range of dares, acting out scenarios and getting rewards/punishments as you go.

Ranging from 1-5 on a scale of filth, you might end up doing a raunchy striptease for the group, or you might end up giving 30 seconds of oral. Fantastic for couples who swing or groups of very…very… close friends Tease is a unique and risqué game that will have you in a huge range of compromising positions; with hilarious and sexy results.

With a gorgeous pip-up girls design, Tease looks great and feels like a high quality game that you’ll end up bringing out again and again. Find out secrets about your partner or get tantalisingly close to your friends, with up to 6 players able to play, you could find the game goes on all night long.



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