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The Power of Lingerie

1051534ecbac7c6e971a679bd8809223Like with many things in life, our clothing says something about us. It can be a tool to convey who we want to be, how we want others to see us and more importantly, how we want to feel about ourselves.

Unfortunately in the bedroom we are usually sans clothing. That’s where lingerie comes in.

It’s amazing the difference underwear can make, but it is a difference that you will feel ten fold. Plus lingerie can say pretty much anything you want it to, and there is such a wide variety of outfits to pick from that half the fun of lingerie can be in choosing it.

A pair of ruffled panties will show you’re feeling flirty, some deep red lace will have you oozing romance and a leather corset with metal hard wear and a long solid spreader bar will definitely reveal that you are feeling kinky.e3b2c5353b3005d608802544a195afc4

Lingerie is something of a sex classic. People have been dressing up under their clothes from as far back as the 18th century and in a way, it has become rather symbolic.

As the final layer between your partner and your body, lingerie needs to expose you, cover you, define your shape, highlight your form and build the sexual tension all at the same time. The sexual tension for you as well as your partner, because everyone knows the effect an outfit that you feel gorgeous in will have on your confidence.

04276962304511fa3d6b952d8aa0cc0bIf you want to feel powerful and fierce in the bedroom, then choose an outfit that will have you standing up straighter like a lace up, boned corset or something full body with buckles and leather. However, if you want to feel whimsical and flirty then a mesh babydoll that softens your waistline and pushes up your cleavage will work wonders.  There really is an outfit for every sexual scenario, a look for every fetish and a crotchless panty for every occasion.

Lingerie isn’t simply the wrapping that is torn off at the start of the evening either. You can incorporate it into your sex life. For example, have your lover slowly unlace you, or better yet, slowly unlace in front of them letting them look but not touch. Pull their lace hold-ups off with your teeth or unclip their suspender straps one by one. This kind of teasing and foreplay will only make the end result that much sweeter.


Knowing the powerful effect lingerie can have on your attitude and overall confidence in the bedroom, you can understand why it is such a popular gift between couples. With Valentines Day fast approaching, this is the time to sneak a look at your lady’s bra size or your fellas pant size so you have something sexy to present when the fateful evening arrives. This kind of gift is a clear signal that you find your partner sexy, you crave their body and you want them to feel as sexy as you find them.

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