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We’re delighted to announce the handsome line-up of Mo-Bros who will be cultivating their facial fuzz for Bondara’s Movember 2012 campaign (plus the Mo-Sistas supporting them)

Created in support of Prostate and Testicular Cancer charities, each November, Movember aims to encourage guys around the world give up shaving their top lip from the 1st to the 30th of November all in the aim of raising sponsorship money for these great charities. Here at Bondara we’re always telling you to touch yourselves in whatever way feels good and we’re huge advocates of prostate massagers; not only for the pleasure factor but also the added health benefits. So some of our boys have selflessly donated their faces to the cause and will be growing full, luxuriant and magnificent moustaches throughout November to support our three different fundraising efforts!

1. If you’d like to support our boys in their moustache growing, please visit to make a donation (anonymously if you wish) and to check our progress.

2. Not only that but 10% of sales from 6 of our best selling Prostate Massagers will also be donated at the end of the month. Just look out for the moustache on the product image to see which ones are part of the promotion.

3. PLUS, visit our Facebook page for an extra special Bondara Movember image. Like and Share this image with your friends; as the more likes we get, the more money our boss will donate at the end of November. Make him dig deep!


Did you know that massaging your prostate can improve ejaculation and strengthen your erections? Plus, by learning exactly where your prostate is and what feels good, you’ll learn how your prostate should feel normally. In the same way as women checking their boobs, the more you probe your prostate the quicker you’ll know if something is amiss. Prostate cancer and testicular cancer are very treatable but the earlier you catch any warning signs, the better.

“Don’t procrastinate, check your prostate.” 

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